Online Enrollment Version 3 - 4/27/2018

We are excited to release Version 3 of Aeries Online Enrollment.

Aeries Online Enrollment Version 3A complete redesign of Online Enrollment has been implemented using the latest Aeries branding to better match the Aeries Web environment.  This new design is optimized and works with all screen sizes and mobile devices.  This gives the parent an option to enroll a new student easily via their phone or tablet.
Mobile Friendly InputsInputs such as phone number fields have been made easier to use on various mobile devices and platforms.
TranslationsMore pages such as Health Survey, Language Information, Emergency Contacts, Health Survey, and Documents can now display customized text in multiple languages. Formatting options have been expanded. System administrators can use new Formatting boxes such as Info and Alert to better display messages using system standard styles. Also, unnecessary hard-coded text will no longer display if custom text has been configured. It is recommended that Districts review their custom text to fully take advantage of these new customization options, and verify it displays appropriately.
Custom TextMore pages, such as Health Survey, have been given the ability to use Customized Text in multiple languages.  Formatting options have been expanded.  System administrators can use new Formatting boxes such as Info and Alert to better display messages using system standard styles.
Save and Resume EnrollmentResuming an enrollment now remembers the last step the user was on and continues from that point, no need to click next through the steps to get back to where they left off.
Google MapsGoogle Maps is now an option, no longer Requiring a Google Maps API key. If enabled, this will display the school's location on a map after being assigned to a   school.
Home Language SurveyQuestions now match the order and wording provided by the CDE.
InputsAll data inputs now properly define a "max length" property to prevent data entry errors.
LogoutLogout will now end the user session and bring them back to the homepage.
AdminMin and Max Age (for the entire system) have been added, which is used to validate the student's birthday.  A custom message can be displayed if the student is outside of this range.
Physician InfoAn admin can now set this page to be displayed but optional so parents can skip it.
Other District EnrollmentThe US Enter Date field can now be disabled by the system admin if the district wishes. This option defaults to disable the US Entry Date as the majority of customers have expressed that desire. Also, the parent will only be prompted to enter prior schools if they had previous K-12 enrollment.
System Usage MetricsThe Aeries Online Enrollment System will now start sending anonymous usage data back to Aeries Software.  This information will be used to help improve the system and help to identify trends with system usage and errors.
Database ConnectionsThe Online Enrollment database, as well as the Aeries database are now displayed on the admin page for reference.
Resident Parent InformationThe parent/guardian field (mailing name) will now pre-populate with both parents names as the parent completes the form in a format such as "John & Jane Doe".

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Love the changes! Great job! 

This gets applied when you do an update. No need to schedule an appointment.

Liz, it appears that your account did not have permission to download the update to Online Enrollment.  Your predecessor must have had that permission and it was not added to your account.  I have corrected that issue and you should open a ticket with support so they can help you with the update process.

Does it show the parent when they time out? or how long until they are timed out? That is the biggest error we see right now in the previous version of online enrollment


. The "request entity is too large error" 

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