Aeries Revision Notes - 11/17/2017

The following enhancements and fixes have just been released in today's Aeries update:

  • Import Test Results - The SAT 2017-18 test results according to the 2017-18 For High Schools and School Districts Data Layout for SAT and SAT Subject Tests Electronic Score Reports file layout can now be imported. The SAT data results need to be the fixed length (.txt) data file. Click here for documentation.
  • Test Settings - This page has been updated for the CAASPP 2017-18 testing administration according to the ISAAP tool (Excel template) from Sept 5, 2017. NOTE: The CAASPP Student Accommodations (Test Settings) and CAASPP Paper-Pencil Test Assignment export files have not yet been updated for the 2017-18 Testing Administration. Click here for documentation.
  • Attendance Audit Listing - This report will no longer display the "TK Student 5 Years or older as of December 2nd flagged to bypass ADA" warning if the Non-ADA flag is set to blank (i.e. not in use). Click here for documentation.
  • Daily Apportionment By Month report - The Page Break on Month, Group by Program and Include Weekly Average options that are in the Client are now available in the Web. 
  • Mass Change Period Absences - This page now honors the block schedule.
  • Missing Attendance report - A hyperlink to Attendance Submission Log page has been added to the options page.
  • Student Groups - Permissions to Student Group Definitions (SGD) and Student Group Members (SGM) are now separated allowing admins to give users permission to modify students in the group, but not necessarily modify the group itself. Users need appropriate permissions SGM to use a group. If the user has permissions to SGD, the Student Groups page will also display under School Info. Also, an error was generating when a numeric value was searched, fixed. In addition, some adjustments have been made to the page to prevent cutting off the student search panels when searching by classes. Also, larger lists of students can now be accommodated when adding students to a group.
  • Attendance - Teachers were not able to back-post attendance when today was a holiday or non-student day and future posting was not allowed, fixed. 
  • Academic Plan Course Sequences - A Course Sequence can now contain courses from multiple subject areas.
  • Individualized Academic Plan - If the Course had no term field set, it could be placed into the wrong grade level, and term was not year-long as it should have been, when applying a course sequence to academic plan, fixed. Also, after adding a course on the list view, other tabs would no longer work, fixed.
  • Create Sections for Next Term - This page has been disabled, please use the Client form. The page will be redesigned for better functionality. 
  • Standards Based Report Cards - This report was always printing all tracks instead of only those selected on the report options, fixed.
  • Career Pathways Dashboard - All questions in the Features section are now editable.
  • Scores By Assignment - This page was giving an error when a gradebook with no assignments was selected, fixed. Also, this page now displays a message with a link to the Add Category page if the gradebook has no categories.
  • Analytics - Any TST typed indicators with Test Id greater than 6 characters long were not running since the 10/20 update, fixed. Also, the College Entrance Requirement indicators were giving an error when the Transcript Definition (TDF table) was not defined for a school, fixed. Also, the high-low range thresholds were not handling decimal values properly when the high value is a whole number, fixed.
  • Discipline Letter Text Editor / Suspension Letter Text Editor - Users were able to edit or delete letters without appropriate permissions to LTR table, fixed. 
  • Attendance by Photo (New) - The report was not printing for elementary schools, fixed.
  • Test Details - Updated the description of Claim Performance Level 2 from “At or Near Standard” to “Near Standard” for the 2015-16 and forward CAASPP test results to match the description in the file layouts.

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