CALPADS STAS - Student Absence Summary Information - Released STAS File 4/21/2017


We are working with CALPADS now on the STAS file.  The data will be pulled from the Attendance History (AHS table).  We are making several changes to the Attendance History (AHS table) to accommodate the new STAS file.   New fields will be added to the Attendance History (AHS table) and the logic will be modified.  We are hoping to release a preliminary STAS file this Friday that can be used to verify data.  


Below is a link to CALPADS for STAS information:

We are also working on the changes to the SENR file that will be needed on May 9th.   We will be adding the 2 new indicators for Golden State Seal and the Student Seal of Biliteracy.  We will not ship the updated SENR file until May 9th.

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The STAS - Student Absence Summary file has been shipped in the April 21st update.  The new file is available for testing purposes and Alternative Education schools are not being processed at this time.

Please refer to the documents below for more information.

A new document has been posted on the website:


CALPADS_Student_Absence_Summary_STAS_file.pdf – details the new CALPADS STAS file required for End of Year reporting.


The following documents have been updated with changes due to the CALPADS STAS file:









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