For detailed information on populating and managing program records in Aeries, see:  Special Programs

Note:  A change to the SPRG extract on May 2018 should alleviate the overlapping Participation errors for the next school year.  The SPRG extract has been adjusted to close all open participation programs 108, 113, 122, 174, 185 and also 101 (504 Accommodation Plans). The programs will auto-populate an end date in the extract 30 days before the end of the school year, using the last day of school.  The actual program records in Aeries will not be closed.  

Open participation programs will continue to extract in the subsequent years.  If the start date of the participation record is prior to the current year, Aeries will pull the start dates from the enrollment record.  
Each program should only have one open record.

Program Code
Program Name
Category Code/Name
Last Academic
Year Effective
Documentation Link
101504 Accommodation Plan1 - Eligible
108Opportunity Program3 - Participating
113California Partnership Academy3 - Participating
122NCLB Title 1 Part A Basic Targeted3 - Participating
127Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)1 - Eligible
131NCLB Title X Homeless1 - Eligible2011/12
135Title 1 Part C Migrant1 - Eligible
144Special Education

1 - Eligible
162Pregnant or Parenting Programs1 - Eligible
164NCLB Title I Part D Delinquent3 - Participating2011/12
171NCLB Title I Part D Neglected3 - Participating2011/12
172NCLB Title I Part D At Risk3 - Participating2011/12
173NCLB Title I Part D Juvenile Detention3 - Participating2011/12
174NCLB Title I Part A Neglected3 - Participating
175Free or Reduced Price Meal Program1 - Eligible2011/12
180CAHSEE Intensive Instruction3 - Participating2014/15
181Free Meal Program1 - Eligible
181Free Meal Program3 - Participating2013/14
182Reduced-Price Meal Program1 - Eligible
182Reduced-Price Meal Program3 - Participating2013/14
(185)Transitional Kindergarten3 - Participating2022/23
  • Retired as of the 2023/2024 school year.
  • 2022/2023 and before - Districts do not need to create any program 185 records for TK students. As of July 2021, Aeries will auto-generate SPRG records for Program Code 185 for any student enrolled in TK, with the appropriate start and end dates. 
190Foster Youth Program

  • Districts do not need to submit any program records for students. Students are directly certified or identified as Foster Youth through the statewide matching processes conducted through CALPADS.
191Homeless Program1 - Eligible
192Armed Forces Family Member1 - Eligible
193Tribal Foster Youth1 -Eligible 
300LIP - Developmental Bilingual Program1 - Eligible
Previously, these codes were reported by section in the Instructional Strategy field in the CRSE file.
They are now reported at the student level in the SPRG file.
301LIP - Dual-Language Immersion Program1 - Eligible
302LIP - Heritage or Indigenous Language1 - Eligible
303LIP - Newcomer Program (Various Models)1 - Eligible
304LIP - One-Way Immersion Program1 - Eligible
305LIP - Structured English Immersion Program or other predominantly English Language Instructional Models1 - Eligible
LIP - Transitional Bilingual Program
1 - Eligible

307LIP - Parent Opted Out of EL Services1 - Eligible