Effective 2019/2020, the CDE has developed a list of Language Instruction Programs (LIPs) for English Learners. Previously, districts reported English Learner participation in English language acquisition programs by “course” and not by student. Districts will now report this data by student in the SPRG file.  

Students will be required to have a Program Eligibility Start Date (PGM.ESD) and Program Eligibility End Date (PGM.EED).  Since the LIP codes became effective this year, the Program Eligibility Start Date (PGM.ESD) needs to be after 7/1/2019.  Going forward, the date can be earlier than the enrollment record as districts are not required to close out LIP program records.  LIP program records remain open until the student is exited from the LIP program.

Displayed below are the new LIP Program Codes (PGM) and the Retired Instructional Strategy Codes.


New Education Program CodeName of New Education Program CodeRetired Instructional Strategy CodeName of Retired
Instructional Strategy Code
LIP – Developmental Bilingual Program
English Learner Bilingual Program
LIP – Dual-Language Immersion Program
Dual Language Immersion Program
LIP – Heritage or Indigenous Language
LIP – Newcomer Program (various models)
304LIP - One-Way Immersion Programnonen/a
LIP – Structured English Immersion Program or other predominantly English Language Instructional Models
Structured English Immersion/Other English Model
LIP – Transitional Bilingual Program
English Learner Bilingual Program

For more information, see CALPADS Flash #163

Mass Creating Student Program Records.

Using the Mass Add Student Related Data process may assist in adding the LIP Program records to students.  In the Mass Add Student Related Data process, students can be selected by Name, Grade, Teacher or a KEEP/SKIP query statement. 

If presented with a spreadsheet of specific students and the student Student ID (STU.ID) is included.  Highlight the column of Student IDs (STU.ID) and right click to copy the Student ID numbers.

Navigate to the Mass Add Student Related Data page.  Click the Create New button and select the PGM table as the Target Table.  Populate the Program Code and the Eligibility Start Date.

Note:  The Mass Add Student Related Data page displays the tables in the Target Table dropdown based on the user's permissions.  More information is available Mass Add Student Related Data Overview

Scroll down the page to Students to Update.  Paste the Student IDs in the Student Search window.  Click the Load Students button.  On the Search Results window, select the All button to select all the students and click the center arrow to copy the students to the Selected Students window.  Click the Mass Add Records to create the program records.