Special Education Data

Special Education Data is accessed from the navigation tree under the Student Data then the Programs node.

Note:  As of the 2019/2020 school year, Special Education data will not be extracted in the CALPADS SPRG file.   Due to the CASEMIS to CALPADS transition, Special Education data will be uploaded to CALPADS directly from your Special Ed Student Information System (Example:  SEIS, SIRAS, etc.).

Aeries Field NameAeries Table.Field





District of ResidenceCSE.DR03.22District of Special Education AccountabilityPopulate this field according to CASEMIS standards.
School CodeCSE.SS01.06School of Attendance NPSPopulate this field according to CASEMIS standards. This field will only be reported to CALPADS for NPS students. If school has CDS number of “0000001” in LOC, values in CSE.SS will be pulled into the ATT and ENR tables.
Entry DateCSE.ED03.15Education Program Membership Start DateDate must be populated for Special Ed students to extract. The Entry Date should be the very first date that the student was identified as eligible and should not change.
Because the Special Ed program is an eligibility program, the start date does not need to be within the student’s enrollment at a school.
Exit DateCSE.XD03.16Education Program Membership End DateExit Date the student left the Special Ed. program. Special Education Program records should NEVER be end-dated unless the student actually exits the Special Education Program; e.g., parent withdrawal from the program, the student aged-out of the program, or the student is determined to be ineligible for services.
DisabilityCSE.DI03.21Primary Disability CodePopulate this field according to CASEMIS standards.
Post-Secondary Program or 
Post-Secondary Employed or 
Post-Secondary / Transition Status Indicator
01.34Post Secondary Transition Status Indicator
If the CALPADS Options is set for one of these fields, the student will be extracted in the SENR file.