The Other Options tab on the CALPADS Extracts tab will display various options that MUST be verified before creating extracts. Many of the user options saved by the client version will be translated to the web, but we suggest they are verified them before running any of the available processes.

The following options are available on the Other Options tab.

  • “Short Term Enrollment” field - This is normally STU.SP, but for Court or Juvenile Facilities, this can be a User Code field.
  • “Race Intentionally Left Blank” Code – The code value created for the Race "Declined to State/Unknown". Code needs to be added to the Update Code Table for the Race (STU.RC1) code.
  • Independent Charter School? – Reporting requirements are slightly different for Independent Charter Schools. Set this option for a Charter School submitting data to CALPADS independent of your chartering district. This option will duplicate the school code for the Reporting LEA field. 
  • Pull County-District Code from School LOC records and Pull Primary School from STJ – This option should only be used by Multi-District Aeries databases, where multiple districts are managed in the same Aeries database. The County-District Code will extract the district code from the school level records located in School Options (LOC) on all submissions. Staff records in SDEM/SASS extracts will extract the School Code from the Staff Assignments table instead of the Primary School listed in the Staff Table (STF.PSC).

NOTE: For LEAs with multiple district configuration utilizing this process, every Staff Assignment (STJ) record must be assigned to a school code, including staff working at multiple sites.

  • Do Not Change Exit Reasons to E450 if Student is in Pre-School or Lower - When this option is selected, the actual exit reason will be extract in the SENR file. Without the option, all students in pre-school or lower extract with exit reason of E450.
  • Get Parent/Guardian Information from STU.PG and STU.PED (instead of CON)- Selecting this option will force Parent/Guardian information for the SINF extract to be taken exclusively from STU.PG and STU.PED. This is recommended only if Districts have concerns about the accuracy of the data in their Contacts (CON) table and should be a temporary measure while data clean-up is in process. It is important to realize that all SINF records will then receive the SINF0552-Missing Guardian 1 First Name error. This will remain a Warning until the 22-23 school year.
    • When this option is de-selected, the SINF extract will pull the Contact information (parent Last Name and First Name only) from the CON table according to the rules described in Managing Contacts for CALPADS SINF extract. The Parent Ed Level will continue to pull from the STU.PED field. 
  • Extract Missing Race/Ethnicity Indicator as 'N' instead of blank (SINF) - In cases in which the student has one/both pieces of data populated, the option allows to choose between "N" or a blank as the value to extract in the SINF file. The change is aimed to help with the validation against the CALPADS Special Education Discrepancy Extract because some Special Education Data systems populate these fields with Y or N.
  • Auto-close Enrollment (E155 & E156) 14 Days Before the End of the School Year - This option is on by default, and unchecking the option is NOT saved; it is designed for one-time use. It will suppress the E155 & E156 exit code & Enrollment End Dates from being included in the SENR file for students in schools with less than 2 weeks left in the school year. This option is global, so it will be honored for both the Enrollment Update and Identifiers tabs. E155 is used for student's who have continued enrollment in the next school year. E156 is used for 12th graders with continued enrollment in the next school year (also known as 5th year seniors).
  • SPRG 504 Plans: Extract as an eligibility program with the program start dates.  Record will  not auto-close at the end of the year - Selecting this option will extract 504 Plan records with the program start date.  More information is available in the this article: 504 Plans - How does Aeries extract 504 Plan records?
  • NOTE: Once you select the option "SPRG 504 Plans: Extract as an eligibility program with the program start date. Record will not auto-close at the end of the year," it cannot be deselected. 

    • Information button will display the following:  
    • When selecting the option and clicking on the Save button at the bottom of the page, another message will display: 
  • Golden State Seal and Seal of Biliteracy – Options to indicate the Activity Code (ACT.CD) used for Golden State Seal and Seal of Biliteracy tests. The options are used for the SENR file.  Multiple codes can be selected.
  • FRE.SRC codes to exclude from SPRG - allows the SPRG extract to exclude selected Free and Reduced (FRE) records with the selected Source (FRE.SRC) code.  The FRE.SRC codes displayed are codes from records in the FRE table.   Selecting a code will exclude the FRE record from extracting in the SPRG extract.
  • STU.TG Values to Skip and STU.SP Values to Skip – Allows the extract to skip a STU record in your system that you don't want to send to CALPADS. These students must be flagged with either a STU.TG or STU.SP value so they will be skipped by the extract.
  • STU.SP Values for STAS Exempt Used to indicate the Student Program (STU.SP) tag for exempt students.  This option will be used for the Student Absence Summary File (STAS).  Multiple codes can be selected. See following link for more information CALPADS STAS File - Other Options
  • SENR Indicators (grades 9-12) - The following options are used for the SENR file:   
    • 1.34 Adult Age Students w/Transition Status Indicator (formerly Post Secondary/Transition Status Indicator) -  This indicator applies to Special Education students over the age of 17.  A student can be tagged with this indicator by using either one of the following Special Education fields. The new fields display on the Special Education (New) page as of the 4/11/2019 update. The fields also display on the Special Education (Old) page on the Transition Information tab.
      • Post-Secondary Program (CSE.PSP) - An applicable existing code can be used or a new Code can be added to the Code table.
      • Post-Secondary Employed (CSE.PSE) - Code 10 - Yes or a new code can be entered.
      • Adult Age Students w/Transition Status Indicator (CSE.PSI) formerly Post Secondary/Transition Status Indicator - Code can be added to the Code table to this new field.

Note:  Below are the conditions for the Adult Age Students w/Transition Status Indicator (Formerly Post Secondary/Transition Status Indicator) per the CALPADS Update Flash #156: New name, same rules and guidelines

  • On active Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • Equal to or greater than 17 years old as of their Enrollment Start Date
  • Still enrolled in a K–12 school after their initial cohort graduation year
  • Enrolled in the LEA solely for the purpose of receiving services related to the transition from secondary education to college, career, and independent living
  • No longer taking courses that would generate credit towards a standard high school diploma

A 'Y' will extract if the student meets the conditions above and the Special Education fields are populated with the selected codes on the Adult Age Students/Disabilities in Transition Status section on the Other Options tab. An "N" will be extracted if the student does not meet the conditions above and the Special Education fields are NOT populated for the student with the selected codes on the Adult Age Students/Disabilities in Transition Indicator section on the Other Options tab.

Below is an example of the SENR Indicators for Adult Age Students w/ Disabilities in Transition Status after a new Code Value of "Y-Post Secondary" has been added to the COD table to the CSE.PSI field*.  Only the Y should be flagged as an indicator:

Click on the Save button after selecting the options.

On the Special Ed table, the CSE.PSI field needs to be populated for all of your designated Adult Age Students w/Transition Status Indicator students (formerly Post Secondary/Transition Status).

Note:  Settings for Work-Based Learning Records that used to be reported on the SENR records have been removed. All indicators for these types of records will now be reported on the new Work-Based Learning Records (WBLR) extract. Data for these types of Work-Based Learning Records is now stored in the Internships table. See the documentation here: