A new option has been added to the CALPADS Other Options tab for 504 Accommodation Plans as of the March 18th, 2022 update.

When this option is selected, 504 Accommodation Plan records will be extracted as Eligibility programs.  The actual start date of the record will be extracted from either the 504 Plans page (FOF table) or the Special Programs page (PGM.CD = 101). 

When the option is not selected, the current logic pulls the start date from the student's enrollment record if the start date is prior to the current year.  The SPRG extract also auto-closes the 504 Accommodation Plan records 30 days before the end of the school year, using the last day of school.

Due to the existing 504 Accommodation Plan data in CALPADS, the Aeries SPRG ODS Reconciliation process will need to be run when the new option is selected BEFORE sending up the first SPRG file. This is a one-time process. Once the option is selected, the records will extract as eligibility and will not be auto-closed at the end of the year.

NOTE:  Student's should only have one open 504 Accommodation Plan record to avoid overlapping records.

Once the option is selected and Saved, it is stored in the DPT table and can not be de-selected on the page.

504 Plan Accommodation History in Aeries  

The 504 Accommodation Plan program has been categorized as Participating and Eligible in CALPADS throughout the years.

To help our customers from receiving the SPRG0070 Overlapping program records, Aeries changed the SPRG extract in May 2018 to auto-close 504 Accommodation Plan records 30 days before the end of school and also to extract with Enrollment dates instead of the actual 504 record.  

This has recently caused problems for summer testing, due to the auto-closing of the CALPADS 504 Accommodation Plan records.

The new option on the CALPADS Other Options page will treat the 504 program records like an Eligibility program and extract with the record start date.  

The Aeries SPRG ODS Reconciliation process will need to be run before submitting the first SPRG file that contains the new logic.  

Sample student in CALPADS:

This student has 1 open 504 Accommodation Plan (FOF table) record in Aeries with a start date of November 15th, 2019:

Below are the records for the example student in CALPADS.

The record from last year has an end date in CALPADS and a new record with the start date of the student's enrollment.  

These are the records for the student from the CALPADS SPRG ODS file:



After the Aeries SPRG Reconciliation process is run, Delete records are created so that the records in CALPADS match the 504 Accommodation Plan  records in Aeries.

Aeries SPRG ODS Delete Records:



and a new Add record is created:

SPRG^^12345678^123456^456789 ^2021-2022^^75823^Name^20040614^M^101^1^20191105^^^^^^^^^^^

The Aeries CALPADS SPRG file will continue to extract the students 504 Accommodation Plan records as of 11/5/2019 when the new option selected.