If your program data is not uploading correctly to CALPADS, check for the following possible causes:

  1. Confirm the correct school number (PGM.SCL) has been entered for the program.  
    • Using a school code of zero (0) in the program record, especially for open ended program records, ensures that the school code, program start date and end date will be properly updated in the SPRG extract from a student's enrollment record.  When a student is transferring or matriculating to other schools within the district, the SPRG extract will submit the new school information. 
    • If populating the school number in the program record instead of using zero (0), the school must be listed in Course History Institutions (CHI).  The record ID number in CHI must be below 1000 and match the Aeries school code (STU.SC).
  2. Confirm that the dates entered in the start and end dates reflect dates within the current school calendar.  
  3. Confirm the program start date is populated in the correct field.  
    • There are programs which require a Participation Date and programs which require an Eligibility Date.  See: CALPADS Special Programs Chart  
    • If the wrong field has been populated, use a change query to fix the issue by copying the date to the correct field. 

Afterwards, resubmit an SPRG extract to CALPADS to resolve the issue.