For detailed information on populating and managing program records in Aeries, see:  Special Programs

Program Code
Program Name
Category Code/Name
Last Academic
Year Effective
Documentation Link
101504 Accommodation Plan1 - Eligible
108Opportunity Program3 - Participating
113California Partnership Academy3 - Participating
122NCLB Title 1 Part A Basic Targeted3 - Participating
127Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)1 - Eligible
131NCLB Title X Homeless1 - Eligible2011/12
135Title 1 Part C Migrant1 - Eligible
144Special Education

Note:  As of the 2019/2020 school year, Special Education data will not be extracted in the CALPADS SPRG file.  
1 - Eligible
162Pregnant or Parenting Programs1 - Eligible
164NCLB Title I Part D Delinquent3 - Participating2011/12
171NCLB Title I Part D Neglected3 - Participating2011/12
172NCLB Title I Part D At Risk3 - Participating2011/12
173NCLB Title I Part D Juvenile Detention3 - Participating2011/12
174NCLB Title I Part A Neglected3 - Participating
175Free or Reduced Price Meal Program1 - Eligible2011/12
180CAHSEE Intensive Instruction3 - Participating2014/15
181Free Meal Program1 - Eligible
181Free Meal Program3 - Participating2013/14
182Reduced-Price Meal Program1 - Eligible
182Reduced-Price Meal Program3 - Participating2013/14
185Transitional Kindergarten3 - Participating
190Foster Youth Program

  • Districts do not need to submit any program records for students. Students are directly certified or identified as Foster Youth through the statewide matching processes conducted through CALPADS.
191Homeless Program1 - Eligible
192Armed Forces Family Member1 - Eligible
300LIP - Developmental Bilingual Program1 - Eligible
Previously, these codes were reported by section in the Instructional Strategy field in the CRSE file.
They are now reported at the student level in the SPRG file.
301LIP - Dual-Language Immersion Program1 - Eligible
302LIP - Heritage or Indigenous Language1 - Eligible
303LIP - Newcomer Program (Various Models)1 - Eligible
304LIP - One-Way Immersion Program1 - Eligible
305LIP - Structured English Immersion Program or other predominantly English Language Instructional Models1 - Eligible
306LIP - Transitional Bilingual Program1 - Eligible