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The Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program provides funding for local educational agencies to develop unique education opportunities for high-achieving and underachieving students. Each school district’s governing board determines their own criteria for GATE program participation. (Note: If a student transfers school districts, they may need to requalify for the new school district, as they are not automatically accepted.) 

The GATE Information Form was designed to track student participation and eligibility in the GATE program as well as the GATE Referral and Evaluation process. GATE students are identified through achievement, intelligence quotient (IQ), ability, test scores and motivation. Recommendations for GATE can be made by parent/guardian, student, or teacher. Classroom observations and portfolio assessment are some additional factors a district may use to identify GATE students. 

Understanding the forms and their relationships is essential to maximizing the forms usage and ensuring that only pertinent information is reported to the GATE office. 

The GATE page is found under Student Data > Programs and has 3 tabs, General, Referrals and Tests.

Note:  If using the GATE form, it is not necessary to add a record in Special Programs (PGM). 


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GTE, GTR, GTTMass UpdateAllows Importing of Data

The General Tab

From the General tab one record must be added to the GTE table for a student prior to any other data being added. After a GTE record has been added, the Referrals tab will allow you to add multiple records for a student. 

To add a GATE record for a student click on Add a New Record

The upper section of the record holds the basic GATE program information

  • Eligibility Start Date (GTE.ESD) - Date the student was first identified as being eligible for the GATE program. It is important the start and end dates are populated correctly. They determine if a student is to be counted on various state and federal reports.
  •  Eligibility End Date (GTE.EED) - Date the student was determined to be ineligible. It is very important these dates are populated correctly.
  •  Participation Start Date (GTE.PSD) - Date the student first participated in the GATE program. • Participation End Date (GTE.PED) - Date the student last participated in GATE. 
  • Program Placement (GTE.PL) - Specialized placement of the student within the GATE program. 
  • Honors Crs Eligibility (GTE.HCE) - Indicates students who can take honors or advanced placement courses but are not eligible or participating in the GATE program
  • Identifying District - the District where the Student was initially Identified/Referred to the GATE program. The values are pulled from Course History Institutions (CHI.ID).

Program Placement (GTE.PL) and Honors Crs Eligibility (GTE.HCE) codes pull from the COD table as defined in the Update Code Table page and are School-defined.

  • Classification Codes (GTE.CC1 - GTE.CC6) - Specific areas that a student has been identified as being Gifted or Talented in.
  • User Codes (GTE.U1 – GTE.U8) - User defined fields to be used at the discretion of the district. 
  • Comment (GTE.CO) - Miscellaneous comments noted. 


The GATE Referral Information has been divided into three areas. Initial information is on the Referrals form. Student characteristics are on the Characteristics form and evaluation notes are on the Notes form. 

The Referrals form can store several referral records in the GTR table for each student. Each referral can have multiple records for Characteristics and Notes records. The right side of the form displays a list of referrals for the current student and is visible from all three of the Referrals tabs.

NOTE: The Characteristics and Notes tabs will not display until a Referral record has been added to the GTR table.  The Drop down fields pull from the COD table.

  • Date (GTR.DT) - Date referral was submitted. 
  • Referred By (GTR.TE) – Individual who submitted this referral. Normally this is a student’s teacher but could be a school administrator or the parent.
  • Status (GTR.ST) - Current status of the referral process. It can indicate whether the student has been referred for testing, referred for evaluation, etc. 
  • Referral Reasons (GTR.RR1 – GTR.RR5) - Reasons why the student was referred to the GATE program. 
  • Letter Sent Date (GTR.LSD) - Date the Parental Consent Letter was sent.
  • Status (GTR.LSS) - Status of the letter sent.  Letter Received Date (GTR.LRD) - Date the letter was confirmed as received by the parent. 
  • Status (GTR.LRS) - Parental approval status of this referral for testing of the student for GATE eligibility. 
  • Comment (GTR.CO) - Miscellaneous comments noted.
  • User 1 - User 8 - User-defined fields


The Characteristics form displays a list of the student characteristics that have been attributed. The list can contain multiple attributes for the referred student.

Characteristic Type (GTC.TY) – Type of characteristic. 

Characteristic Attribute (GTC.CD) – Associated Attributes.


The Notes form can be used to store information related to the student’s evaluations after being referred to the program. A student can have multiple evaluations and each referral can have separate evaluation notes. Notes displayed are in regards to the referral highlighted on the right hand side of the form.

  • Date Referred (GTN.FDT) - Date student was referred for evaluation. 
  • Date Evaluated (GTN.DT) - Date evaluation took place. 
  • Evaluator Name (GTN.ENM) - Name of the evaluator. 
  • Evaluator Type (GTN.TY) - Type of evaluator (psychologist, etc.) 
  • Location (GTN.LO) - Location of the evaluation. 
  • Recommendation (GTN.RC) - Recommendation for GATE eligibility resulting from this evaluation/meeting. 
  • Recommendation Date (GTN.RDT) – Date recommendation was made. 
  • Comment (GTN.CO) - Miscellaneous comments noted about this evaluation 

Tests Tab

The Test form contains student testing records related to the selection and evaluation process. The form can display multiple records for each student and are not associated with a specific referral. 

  • Date (GTT.DT) - Date the test was administered. 
  • Code (GTT.CD) – Test that was given.
  • Score (GTT.SCR) - Score on this test. 
  • Comment (GTT.CO) - Miscellaneous test comments noted.