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The Free and Reduced Meals is used for creating records for Students that apply for and/or qualify for the National School Lunch Program.  

Navigate to Student Data > Programs.


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Note:  Due to the confidentiality of the student data related to Free and Reduced Meals records, access should only be given to select Staff.  

Creating a Record  

Entering the Free and Reduced Meals data below will create a Program record with a Code of 181 - Free or 182 - Reduced. A Special Programs (PGM) record should not be entered.  The highlighted CALPADS fields are the only required fields. All of the others are informational. Drop down values are stored in the Code table. Refer to the Tables and Fields when creating these codes.

The FRE (NSLP/Free and Reduced Meals) table is a multi-record table and needs to be managed carefully. If there are multiple records for a student, you must have proper Start and End dates.

The Eligibility Date fields are required to extract in the SPRG Student Program file. Only FRE records with current year dates will be extracted. FRE records without any Eligibility Dates will not be extracted.

Aeries will auto-convert a code of F to 181 and a code of R to a 182 when reporting to CALPADS or in the Pre-ID’s.

Below are some helpful guidelines to consider with NSLP reporting.

  • No eligibility from Previous School Year is to be reported to CALPADS during the 30 day carry-over period to establish meal eligibility. Eligibility end dates should be populated for previous year’s records.
  • Do not submit an SPRG file until you have eligibility data populated for the current Academic Year.
  • As students transition between statuses in the current school year (Free, Reduced, Paid), close out old FRE records and add new ones to express the new status. Do not overwrite existing records. The FRE table is designed to be a history of the NSLP status of the student and maintaining a history for at least the current school year is critically important to being able to report this information to CALPADS accurately.

  • SNAP # - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program #
  • TANF # - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families #
  • Foster Child - This field is not used for State reporting.  The Special Programs and Secondary Student Data Foster fields should be used.
  • # in Household - This will be populated by the Parent response to the Income Survey during Registration.
  • Declined Partic - Declined to participate in the Program.
  • Income Survey Response Level - This will be populated by the Parent response to the Income Survey during Registration.
  • Weekly Income - Families Weekly Income
  • Monthly Income -Families Monthly Income
  • Yearly Income - Families Yearly Income
  • Applicant's Name - Name of the Parent/Guardian filling out the application on behalf of the Student.
  • Parent Income Response Date - This will be populated by the Parent response to the Income Survey during Registration.

  • NSLP Lunch Type Code - (Free), R (Reduced), (Paid)
  • Date Received - Date application received
  • Date Assigned - Date Eligibility Category assigned.
  • Date Modified - Date Eligibility Category modified.
  • NSLP Eligibility
  • Start Date -Date Student first eligible for NSLP.
  • End Date - End Date of Students' eligibility for NSLP.
  • Medi-Cal Eligibility    
  • Code -
  • Start Date - Date Student first eligible for Medi-Cal.
  • End Date - End Date of Students' eligibility for Medi-Cal.

  • User 1 - 8 - School-defined codes.
  • Comment - Additional comments for School Staff.
  • School - School where the FRE record was assigned.
  • Source - Which data source/authority was used for to generate the record.

After creating the record it will be listed on the page. The box will display a history of the Students' Free and Reduced eligibility. Record Start and End Dates should not overlap.

Importing Free and Reduced Meal Records  

Data from School Nutrition Programs

Aeries Web can be utilized to schedule regular imports or one time imports of NSLP (National School Lunch Program) data that has been exported from a School Nutrition program, such as E-trition or Titan, into the Free and Reduced Meals (FRE) table. This is accomplished through the NSLP Import Configuration page.

Direct Certification Data

Free and Reduced Meal records can also be added using the CALPADS Extracts > Direct Certification import page

NOTE: When syncing/uploading directly from School Nutrition Program software systems, be sure to load Direct Cert files into the Nutrition Software System directly, not into Aeries. This will allow all information to be consistent between the two systems.