The Foster Details page can be used for advanced management of information on Foster Students.  This page is labeled "Beta" and has not been fully completed or fully vetted.

NOTE: As of the 5/28/2021 update, the Foster Details page will be hidden in the Navigation if there are no Foster Detail records (FSI table) in the database.  The page can be enabled by contacting Aeries Support for special instructions using the hidden Feature Flags page.   If there are Foster Detail records (FSI table) in the database, the page will be available in the Navigation.

For districts in Orange County California, this page will also be an integral part of the county-wide Orange County Integrated Foster Youth Educational Database (OCIFYED).  The project is on hold at the this time.

Note:  The Foster Details page is not used for any state reporting.  This page can be used to store additional Foster data.


Every tab on the Foster Details page requires its own permissions (Read, Insert, Update and Delete).  

FSI - Foster Student Information
FSH - Foster Student History
FSC - Foster Student Legal Cases
FSL - Foster Student Attorneys
FSE – Foster Student Ed Rights
FSR – Foster Student Hearings
FSP – Foster Student Placements
FSN – Foster Student Notes
FST – Foster Student Summary Report Notes
FSM – Foster Student Meetings
FSA – Foster Student Action Plans
FSG – Foster Student Goals
FSS - Foster Student Team Contacts
SRD - Synchronization Review Date

Adding a New Foster Details Record

The following page will display when clicking on the Add button on the Foster Details page:

The Foster ID must be 10 characters long.

If the student has a Special Ed (CSE) record, a link will be provided.  This link will only display to users with permissions to the Special Ed (CSE) table.

Documents may be uploaded under the Documents tab.

Note: if the file uploaded is a HEIC file (default iPhone picture  format) it will be automatically converted to .jpg format