This error occurs because the student already has an existing/matching overlapping Participating Educational Program record in CALPADS for a previous year and another record is included in the current year SPRG extract.


Previously, students could have multiple active/open SPRG records in CALPADS without any issues.  But after a December 15, 2015 CALPADS update, this is now produces an error. Put an end date, when required, in the program record for the previous year and add the program record for the current year to resolve the issue. 

  • If populating the school number in the program record (PGM.SCL) instead of using zero (0), the school must be listed in Course History Institutions (CHI).  The record ID number in CHI must be below 1000 and match the Aeries school code (STU.SC). 
  • Using a school code of zero (0) in the program record, especially for programs that do not require an annual end date, ensures that the school code, program start date and end date will be properly updated in the SPRG extract from a student's enrollment record.  When a student is transferring or matriculating to other schools within the district, the SPRG extract will submit the new school information.
  • Eligibility end dates are not required for GATE, Migrant Ed, Special Education, Homeless or Military Programs.
  • Eligibility start and end dates are required each year for NSLP - Free/Reduced Lunch Program.
  • Participation end dates are not required for Opportunity Program, CA Partnership Academy, Pregnant or Parent Programs.
  • Participation start and end dates are required each year for 504 Accommodation Plans, Title 1 and Transitional Kindergarten.  Since a student may have a 504 Accommodation Plan for multiple years, see the options listed below:
    • Records for 504 Accommodation Plans (PGM or FOF) can be inputted with a start and end date to match the start and end dates of the school year.
    • Use the copy feature to assist with creating records for multiple years.
    • If the start date on a record for a 504 Accommodation Plan is prior to the current year, Aeries will pull the start dates from the enrollment record.
    • If records are being left open (without an end date), districts will need to run the SPRG Reconciliation process to close out the open records.  Click here for SPRG Reconciliation Documentation.

For further clarification, click this link to access CALPADS Data Guide.

CALPADS Data Guide Documentation - See page 67.

CALPADS Data Guide Documentation - See page 72.