This error occurs because a student was reported as receiving services at a school that was not a Title 1 school or a Title 1 school has no Title 1 student records.

Do not address ANY CERT errors until after the enrollment updates (SENR, SINF, SELA and SPRG) files have been posted with few to no errors.  The probable cause of most CERT errors is due to file extracts that have not yet been posted error-free.   The second most likely cause of CERT errors results from data that has not been correctly populated in Aeries.


If a student is reported, check to see if the student should be receiving services.  If the student had changed schools and is no longer receiving Title 1 services, enter an end date in the program record (PGM.PED).  If you enter the district number (0) in the school number field on the program record, it will eliminate Title 1 program end date issues for students with school transfers.

If a school is missing Title 1 data, check to see if there are Title 1 program records.  If Title 1 program records exist for the school, confirm that records have a program start date (PGM.PSD) entered for the school year.