The Student Data Audit form provides two reports to assist users in finding data inconsistencies and/or in avoiding common CALPADS errors. Filter Reports by "audit" to see the Student Data Audit Report.  Alternatively, the report is available from View All Reports > Category:  Student Data.

Report Options

The Validation: dropdown provides two report choices:  CALPADS Data and Basic Demographics.

Under the Validations dropdown, a list of validations is provided. Click on the validations to toggle them on or off. On the right, a list of Schools is provided, if the report is run at the District level. Click on school names to toggle them on or off. The Show Selected button will pop up an Alert box of the school codes selected.

Additionally, the Details section of the report can be sorted by Student Name or by Error. A Grade Range for the students checked by the report can be selected. If you would like to include inactive students on the report, select the Include Inactive Students checkbox. 

If you'd like to only include validations for codes with translations on the report, select the Only Include Codes w/Translations on the Report checkbox. The translations are from the XRF table, where Aeries codes are "translated" to CALPADS codes. For example, certain programs (Title I, Homeless, etc.) are translated into CALPADS codes and extracted for CALPADS reporting. 

During the last thirty days of the school year, active students who are graduating seniors may have STU.HSG and STU.DG populated in advance of their graduation date. To skip the CALPADS data Active Student w/HSG or DG validation for active 12th grade students during the last thirty days of the school year, check the Ignore STU.HSG/DG validation checkbox. 

Click on at least one of the Print Summary and Print Detail checkboxes and click the Run Report button to run the report. If both are checked, the report will display both the Summary and Detail sections: 

The Summary section is a list of the validations found by the report with a total of the potential errors provided per validation. Each error will be coded as W or E. A is indicative that the validation is providing a warning. A warning indicates that the data should be checked, but does not require immediate attention, and may in fact be valid within your LEA's data practices. An E for error is indicative that the error should be fixed and is probably going to cause a CALPADS error during state reporting. 

The Details section is a list of the students whose records contain validation issues, plus the field and code which is triggering the validation error, and a description of the error.

For each validation issue, the report provides the Student ID number, Student Name, and Grade. The Field provides the field and code that is triggering the validation. The Error gives more details about what the validation expects to see in the field. In the example above, Stu ID 99000069 does not have a country listed in their STU.BCU birth country field on their Demographics page. Student 99000070 has a discrepancy between the two language related fields of STU.LF (language fluency) and LAC.EAC (CALPADS language fluency). The student has IFEP in their STU.LF field, but LAC.EAC is blank. 


Basic Demographics Report:

  • CDS School Code
  • Student Name -- STU (LSI if user has permission)
    • First/Last Name is blank
    • First/Last Name is only one character
    • First/Last Name first character is an apostrophe
  • Student Alias Name
    • First/Last Name Alias is not populated (The CALPADS extracts will complete this information with the appropriate STU or LSI field)
    • First/Last Name Alias first character is an apostrophe
  • Student ID
    • Same ID, different SSID
    • Same ID, different SC-SN (looks at the student name and birthday for determination)
  • Statewide Student ID (SSID)
    • Blank SSID
    • Invalid SSID (not 10 characters)
    • Same SSID, different ID
    • Same SSID, different SC-SN (looks at the student name and birthday for determination)
  • Student Birthdate
    • Invalid date
    • Age range inappropriate for KN (valid age range is 4-7)
    • Age range inappropriate for grades 1-12 (valid age range is 0 to 22)
    • Age range inappropriate for AD (valid age range is 16-80)
  • Gender -- STU (LSI if user has permission)
    • Invalid code or blank
  • Ethnicity and Race fields
    • Hispanic/Latino indicator and race field populated
    • Hispanic/Latino indicator set to “N” and no race present
    • Hispanic/Latino indicator is blank after CALPADS translation
    • Hispanic/Latino indicator other than “N” or “Y”
    • Invalid race code
  • Reporting Language (STU.HL and LAC.L2)
    • No language codes
    • Invalid code
  • Parent Education Level
  • Student Language Fluency
    • Code without translation in XRF
    • Invalid XRF translation
  • Primary Disability
  • English Learner and Related fields (user needs read permission to LAC)
    • English Learner needs US Enroll Date or CA Enroll Date
    • Re-designated (RFEP) student without re-designation date
    • IFEP without IFEP date
    • Invalid language fluency code
    • US school enroll date before birthdate
    • CA school enroll date before birthdate

CALPADS Data Report:

  • Aeries EL fields vs CALPADS EL fields
    • warning if different (STU.LF of EO is not included)
  • Address
    • Empty fields
  • Programs (PGM) – user needs read permission to PGM
    • Codes without translation (unless setup option was set to skip non-translated codes)
    • Eligibility and participation dates
    • For program 122: checks if the student has Services
    • For program 113: California partnership ID needs to be populated
    • For program 135: Migrant Student ID needs to be populated and valid
    • For program 190: Foster ID field needs to be populated
    • For program 191: Home Dwelling type, Runaway Youth and Unaccompanied Youth fields need to be populated
  • Special Education (CSE) – user needs read permission to CSE
    • Primary disability = “000” but no exit date
    • Primary disability is present, but enter date
    • Invalid disability code
  • Free and Reduced (FRE) – user needs read permission to FRE
    • Invalid code
    • More than one active FRE record
  • Discipline (user needs read permission to ADS)
    • Offense code is empty
    • Offense does not have a translation (unless setup option was set to skip non-translated codes)
    • No offense date
    • No Incident ID
    • Offense without disposition
    • Disposition (DSP.DS) does not have an XRF translation (unless setup option was set to skip non-translated codes)
    • Disciplinary action > 10 days: Instructional Support field needs to be populated (if Special Ed)
    • Removal to Interim Alternative Setting Reason Code needs to be populated (if Special Ed)
  • Active Student with Conflicts
    • Active student with STU.HSG or STU.DG populated
  • Students born outside USA, SSD.SUS must be populated (Y or N)
  • US School Enrollment Date (LAC.USS) 
    • LAC.USS should be four years or more previous to student's birthdate (STU.BD)
  • Inter-District Transfer
    • If STU.IT is populated, STU.ITD must be populated
  • Active Student w/HSG or DG
    • An active student has a completion status code (STU.HSG) and/or completion date (STU.DG) populated
    • This validation may be skipped for 12th graders during the last 30 days of school using the Ignore STU.HSG/DG Validation checkbox