The CALPADS Programs Reference by Student report prints student demographic information plus active records from the Special Programs (PGM), 504 (FOF), GATE (GTE), Special Education (CSE), and Free and Reduced (FRE) tables. Filter Reports by "calpads" or navigate to Reports > Student Data > CALPADS Programs Reference by Student.


To run this report, two permissions options are available. A user with the State Reporting area permission will be able to print the entire report:

Alternatively, a user with Read to PGM will be able to print the report, excluding the CSE and FRE information. Respectively, Read permissions to CSE and FRE are also required to print the CSE and FRE information.


Each program can be selected or un-selected. Only selected (checked) programs will print on the report. 

The form will optionally print two more programs from PGM. Select one or both from the dropdown. 

A checkbox is provided for the inclusion of Inactive students. 

Additionally, the report honors KEEP and SKIP queries. A button linking to the Query page is provided. 

Once all necessary selections have been made, click Run Report.

The report provides demographic and program information for each student who is in at least one of the selected programs.