To add a new code to a field dropdown, first select the table and field from the Update Code Table screen. The form will display any codes previously created for this field. Click on the Add New Record link.

Enter the new Code and Description. The Tab key can be used to move throughout the fields. A description of the additional fields is listed below. Once the record is complete click on the Save icon to save the record.

  • Code – the code value that will be stored in the data
  • Description – a description for the code value. It will often be seen on the data screen rather than the code value. The description can also be displayed in certain reports
  • Category – used to group certain codes together in a list. This is available for a few selected areas of Aeries. One example of where category is used is on the 504 Plans page.
  • Amount – used by the Aeries program to treat certain codes differently. For example, the College Test Scores (CTS) table ST1 field uses the Amount field to identify the test that the test part belongs to. A 4.00 signifies that it is an AP test part and a 2.00 signifies that it is a SAT II test part.

  1. Sort – used to display the code values in a certain order in the dropdown
  2. Tag – used to make a code that is no longer necessary inactive. Inactive codes cannot be selected in the dropdown.

            Refer to the Code Table Management - Inactivating Codes article for more information.

  1. Translation fields 1-6 – up to six language translations can be added for each code. The first field selects the language code and the second field contains the translation.