The Update Code Table screen is found within School Info | Configurations in the navigation menu. The Update Code Table is used to maintain available codes that are used for selection in various fields on forms throughout Aeries, such as the Student Data form.

After the table and field have been selected on the Update Code Table form the codes and descriptions will display.

The codes and descriptions added to the COD table will display on the left side of the form for the table and field selected. 

Translations can be provided for each Code.

The Category field only works in a few areas of Aeries. 

The Amount field is used for to designate certain codes for special use such as in STU.DNR or Restricted Contacts.

The Sort field can be used to cause the codes to display in a certain order in the dropdown. Numbering related codes sequentially can be used to display them together.

By adding a code to a field, a dropdown list will now display on the table for the field selected.  For example, the ETH – Ethnicity Code field on the Student Data form will drop down a list of the ethnic codes and descriptions as displayed above.

On the right side of the form a count displays for all actual codes currently located in the table for the field selected. The form displays the number of times the code has been entered into the database.  For example: code N for No, not Hispanic or Latino has been entered 4938 times in the Ethnicity (STU.ETH) field.

The Count field also displays 2 but the code is blank under Code.  This indicates there are 2 blanks that have been entered into student records in the ETH field.

The Go to Default Code Management button can be used to switch to the Default Code Management screen which allows for a quick means of adding Aeries-defined default codes to certain tables and fields.

NOTE: All fields are displayed in the Update Code Table page, even those that may not support codes. Codes should only be added to fields that support codes to avoid any unintended consequences.

Define School-Based Codes

The Update Code Table page also has the option to Define School-Based Codes for various tables. This includes the User Code fields from school-based tables, any text field in SUP, and any text field in a school-based custom table. Fields in tables such as ADS and CON will not be allowed to have school-based codes enabled if the table is PID-based, however they will be allowed if the tables are SC/SN based (usually an old database). Download the attached list below for a complete list of valid tables and fields. 

The Define School-Based Codes option is only visible to Admin type users and can be used at either the district level or school level. 

NOTE: Aeries recommends enabling school-based codes only in limited situations.

Enable School Based Codes For a Field

Select a table and field from the dropdown.

After selecting a valid table/field, a checkbox option labeled Use School-Based Codes for this field will appear to the left of the Go to Default Code Management button.

NOTE: Some districts with many codes populated in a field may experience slow loading times.

For this example, check the Use School-Based Codes for this field option to enable STU.U9 for school-based codes. 

Click Yes to confirm this selection

If there are existing district codes populated in this field, you have the option of copying the codes to each school.

Clicking Yes will copy all existing district codes from this field to all schools in the database and the page will display a list of grouped codes under each school. 

Clicking No will keep existing district level codes at grouped at the district level.

After a selection is made, the field becomes school-based and the note in yellow will appear. This note will always display when a table/field is loaded that has school-based codes enabled.

To begin adding school based codes, click the Add New Record button. This can be performed at the district or school level.

Select a school from the School dropdown to assign the new code. If a non-admin user with rights to add codes is logged in at the school level, this dropdown will not display and the code will be added to that particular school.

After codes are added to the table/field for each school, the list of schools will display with grouped codes. Users at the school level will only see codes added to their school.

School-Based to District-Owned Codes

NOTE: If it is necessary to switch a field from school-based to district-owned, the Use School-Based Codes for this field option is allowed to be unchecked but should be performed with extreme caution. Records that contain these codes at the school level should be reviewed.

Removing the check-mark on the Use School-Based Codes for this field option will display the following confirmation dialog. 

Clicking No will cancel the action and keep the codes school-based.

Clicking Yes will present the option to delete all school based codes for the loaded table/field.

Clicking Yes on the Delete School-Based Codes dialog will delete tag the codes in the COD table and remove their visibility from the page. Any new codes added will be assigned to school zero as a district level code.

Clicking No will not delete tag the records in COD and they will not be visible on the page.  Any new codes added will be assigned to school zero as a district level code. 

If at any time the table/field is converted back to school-based codes and previous school-based codes exist in COD, those codes will display again on this page and will be available for use.

NOTE: Switching a table/field back and forth between district-based codes and school-based codes is not recommended.