The Update Code Table screen is found within School Info | Configurations in the navigation menu. The Update Code Table is used to maintain available codes that are used for selection in various fields on forms throughout Aeries, such as the Student Data form. After the table and field have been selected on the Update Code Table form the codes and descriptions will display.

The codes and descriptions added to the COD table will display on the left side of the form for the table and field selected. 

By adding a code to a field, a dropdown list will now display on the table for the field selected.  For example, the ETH – Ethnicity Code field on the Student Data form will drop down a list of the ethnic codes and descriptions as displayed above.

On the right side of the form a count displays for all actual codes currently located in the table for the field selected. The form displays the number of times the code has been entered into the database.  For example: code N for No, not Hispanic or Latino has been entered 4989 times in the Ethnicity (STU.ETH) field.

The Count field also displays 5 but the code is blank under Code.  This indicates there are 5 blanks that have been entered into student records in the ETH field.

The Go to Default Code Management button can be used to switch to the Default Code Management screen which allows for a quick means of adding Aeries-defined default codes to certain tables and fields.

NOTE:  Care must be taken when adding codes - Aeries cannot determine errors made when adding codes to select fields.  For example, if codes were added to the telephone number field, these codes would now display on a dropdown listing for telephone numbers.