5/7/2020 - STAS: Adjustments for Early School Closure due to COVID-19

Adjustments have been made to allow the STAS extract to only report attendance data for students through the early closure date(s) for District schools. 

(1) District Settings - A "Last Day of Regular School Attendance" field has been added to the page to track emergency closures.  This date will be used in the calculation of Attendance History Details (AHD) and Attendance History Summary (AHS) for all the schools.  By entering a date in this field, calculations will be performed up to that date. Therefore, the CALPADS STAS extract for this school year will also only contain attendance summary data up to the specified date.

(2) School Information - A "Last Day of Regular School Attendance" field has been added to the page to track emergency closures. Entering a date here is optional and should only be used if the last day of attendance differs from the date specified in District Settings.  If a date is entered here, it will override the district date.

(3) CALPADS Extracts - There are no changes to the STAS file, but the new "Last Day of Regular School Attendance" in the District Settings and School Information pages will impact the attendance summary counts.

Relevant documentation: 

District Settings (District Rules)

Student Absence Summary (STAS) Extract 

COVID-19 and Attendance 

Thanks Jan, any word on the STAS extract fix to include exempt students?


NOTE: The STAS extract is not currently including these students at this time. The Programming Department is aware, and is working on a fix. Once the fix is released, students marked by this process will be included in the STAS extract.

This item is in QC testing right now and we hope to include it in the release scheduled for this week. I have added you to the AeriesIdeas item for this issue, so you will be notified personally when the fix is released. 


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