Information - ASES/21st CCLC/ASSETs reporting for the 2018-19 school year - Fixed 7/26/2019

Updated Information 7/26: The updated ASES/21st CCLC/ASSETs file layouts were added to Aeries Web in the 7/26/2019 update:

Supplemental Attendance report (CCLC/ASES and ASSETs)
This report now requests an Agency Name, defaulting to the District Name, for use with the 2018-19 templates.

Updated Information 6/7: We have a copy of each of the templates. There is a slight change in the templates with the addition of the Agency Name field at the beginning of each record. Programming will look into what changes need to be made. We do not need any further copies of the templates unless CDE sends out updated versions. Thank you for your support.

CDE has posted the requirements for the 2018-19  21st CCLC/ASES and ASSETs Annual Outcome-Based Data Report on their 21st Century Community Learning Centers website. There are no changes to the directions from last year, but they do not provide the templates on their public website. The websites indicate that the templates were emailed to the LEA's in May. 

For purposes of confirming that no changes will be needed to the Aeries Supplemental Attendance Report (CCLC/ASES and ASSETs), if you have received a copy of the templates please forward them to us. 

Thank you.


I've attached the templates provided in the email our ASES Coordinator received in May. Also have pasted at the bottom any applicable information from within the email we received.

Ryan Bahten
Director of Information Network Services
Direct Line: 707-464-0711 or Ext: 10711
Cell: 209-743-2486
HELP DESK                                    
Call: 707-464-0701 or Ext: 10701

The Excel workbooks used to complete these reports are attached to this email. One workbook is for 21st CCLC and ASES elementary/middle programs; the other workbook is for high school ASSETs programs. Each workbook includes two tabs for data input:

1. Outcome Data for Evaluation

2. Continuous Quality Improvement

 What’s new this year?

The templates for both Outcome-Based Data and CQI now require an Agency Name in addition to school name and CDS code. See your Grant Award Notification (AO-400) or log onto the After School Support and Information System to view your Agency Name.

 Recap of last year’s changes

· The Outcome Data for Evaluation templates no longer require regular school day attendance.

· After School Summer/Supplemental programs require more attendance detail:

o Show attendance for 3 hour After School Summer/Supplemental programming

§ Delineate between programming that operates in the summer months of July and August of 2018 and May and June of 2019

o Show attendance for six hour After School Summer/Supplemental programming

§ Delineate between programming that operates in the summer months of July and August of 2018 and May and June of 2019

Thank you for sending the ASES/ASSETs templates. There is a new field at the beginning of each record called "Agency Name". Can you give us a little more information on what value is in this field? Is it always the district name or school name, or could it be some other entity?  Is it the same value for all participating schools, or could schools have different Agencies?

We are trying to decide if this is something we can populate in the report, or if we will only be able to provide a blank field that will get filled in later.

Thank you,


Hi Sylvia,

I just called into the Expanded Learning Division (ELD) at CDE and asked about this new Agency Name field. Person I spoke with reported that it would be the same for all of our schools, so in our case it would be "Del Norte County Unified". I think it's probably best practice to leave this field blank as Del Norte is weird in that we're Unified with all our COE and USD schools in one database with Aeries. So could pull from District Name field in District Options I guess. But might be easier just to leave blank and we can all just fill it in on our own.

ELD said they added this field to help with post-processing of all the data and to assist with sorting and reducing of duplicate data on their end (ie same school names, etc).

Hope that helps.


Thank you Ryan, this does help.

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