Known Issue - CALPADS and Attendance History Nightly Process - Fixed 6/16/2017

Since the 6/9/17 version of Aeries Web, when editing existing Attendance Enrollment records and changinging the Program (SP) field, new Attendance History records are adding to the AHS table. When the nightly attendance history process is run, previous data updated is not being properly being updatied during the nightly process, and may leave a duplicate record with a different program code. This is affecting the CALPADS STAS file. We plan to ship a fix on Friday for the Nightly Attendance History Configuration to delete and re-create AHS based on ATT records.


Monday morning....still experienceing the same issue.

Do you have an updated timeline for the fix?

:) Barbara Dye 

When you say "delete and re-create AHS," are you talking about 16-17 records only?  I assume that's the case.  Can I just delete them myself and re-run the process manually?  According to the DTS field, only the 16-17 records were touched after installing the 6/16/17 update.

It's all fixed with the 6/16 update. We are hosted, and my system did not update until Monday, but I re-ran STAS and it's fine.


Yes it only applies to the 16-17 Attendance History (AHS) records.  You can delete the 16-17 AHS yourself and run the Update All Schools Now button on the Attendance History Configuration page to recreate the records.

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