CALPADS Changes for the 2023/2024 School Year

The following are changes to CALPADS for the 2023/2024 school year.  We are aware of the changes and will be working on them soon.  

  • Language Codes - New expanded Language Code set will be implemented for the 2023-24 academic year.  The Aeries CALPADS Code Value Translations table will be updated for the new language codes.

  • New Transitional Kindergarten - A new grade level of “TK” for students attending transitional kindergarten will be added to CALPADS.  TK students will be extracted in all extracts with the new grade level.   The Define Grade Level page will be used to determine the TK grade level in Aeries.

  • Parent/Guardian Highest Grade Level and Name Validations - The Parent/Guardian Highest Education Level will be collected for both Parent/Guardian 1 AND Parent/Guardian 2 in the Student Information (SINF) File if both Parent/Guardian fields are populated.  The Aeries Contacts table will be used to collect this information.
    • Also new CALPADS validations will be added for the Parent/Guardian First Name and Last Name fields.  If the First Name is populated for a Parent/Guardian, then the Last Name will be REQUIRED to be populated and vice versa.

        Refer to this document for more information on Managing Contacts - Identify Guardians for CALPADS SINF Extract.

We will provide more information and documentation as we start development.

Please be sure to express to programming that these changes for contacts must filter down to the Data Confirmation and 'Contact Management Window' functionality so that at least one Parent/Guardian contact is maintained when contacts are updated.

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In the SINF flowchart, it states that if there are no contacts in CON or if the CON.FN for the first CON record is blank, that the STU.PEG and STU.PED will be extracted. With the programming be updated to not do this? For example, the students with Foster Parents, we do not list the Foster Parent names in either field for a variety of different privacy-related reasons but will have it listed in the Comments. Also, we have a few adult-aged or emancipated minors that do not have parents/guardians. What can we do in these uncommon scenarios?

Thank you, Aeries, for keeping up on these Calpads changes and for keeping us informed. 

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