State Electronic Test ScoresReadAllows users and groups to see the State Test Scores Reports page and to see the ELPAC Electronic Test Results dropdown in the Language Assessment page

Please see the Security article for more detailed information on how to set up permissions for users and groups

Adding State Electronic Reporting Credentials to Aeries

The LEA CAASPP Coordinator for each district is responsible for establishing Electronic Reporting credentials in TOMS which provides them with a User Name and Secret Key. These credentials will then need to be entered into Aeries on the 3rd Party System Connections page to allow users and parents in Aeries access to the student score reports in ETS. 

From the 3rd Party System Connections page click on the Enable State Electronic Test Scores option. This will open up access to enter the User Name and Secret Key. To unmask the User Name and Secret Key click on the Show Sensitive Information in the blue header at the top of the page. Click on the Save button at the top of the page to save the changes.

3rd Party System Connections - enter State Electronic Test Scores User Name and Secret Key

Most districts are a single LEA and will only have one set of Electronic Reporting credentials. In this case the User Name and Secret Key can be entered into the District Settings area and those credentials will work for all schools in the district. The (district) credentials are stored in the District Options (DPT) table.

Some district may include more than one LEA within their schools and will therefore have more than one set of Electronic Reporting Credentials. In this case the Enable State Electronic Test Scores option can be selected and the appropriate User Name and Secret Key can be entered for each school that does not share the District's Electronic Reporting Credentials. The (school) credentials are stored in the School Options (OPT) table.