ETS is transitioning from a paper to an electronic delivery of the CAASPP Student Score Reports (SSRs) and the ELPAC Score Reports to the local education agencies (LEAs).  ETS has announced that the Electronic Reporting production environment will be available near mid February 2019 and will contain three years of historical records. Once the production environment is open the LEA CAASPP coordinator from each district can log into the Test Operations Management System (TOMS) (TOMS Login Page) and generate their new electronic reporting credential. Please see the CAASPP site for more information about Student Score Report Options and Electronic Student Score Reports.

Once the Electronic Score Report credentials generated in TOMS are added into Aeries and security to the State Electronic Test Scores is set up, the Parents and Students will be able to access their student's most recent few years' CAASPP and ELPAC Student Score Reports through the Aeries Parent Portal. This information will be retrieved behind the scenes from ETS on the fly. Office staff will also be able to access and download CAASPP and ELPAC Student Score Reports. 

Updated Information (02/19/2019): The State Electronic Test Scores Reports has been made available to all customers with the 2/19/2019 Aeries Web update.

When the State Electronic Test Scores is enabled and set up staff, teachers, parents and students with the correct permission set will be able to view and/or download CAASPP and ELPAC student score reports from ETS through Aeries from the State Electronic Test Scores Report page...

or the Language Assessment page...

NOTE:  Due to the existence of student address information on the State Electronic Score Reports, the State Electronic Test Scores Reports page will not allow parents, students or teachers to access score reports if a student's "Do Not Release Records" (STU.DNR) is set. The parents with Educational Rights and email addresses within Aeries will still receive the notification emails when new score reports are available, but they will not be able to view the score reports from within the Parent Portal. Schools will need to provide an alternate view of this information for the parents and teachers.

For information on how to set up the automated Electronic Score Report Processing notifications please see the State Electronic Score Report Notifications and Management article.