Aeries Revision Notes 6/16/2022

New Features:

  • Grade Report Cards  See Print Grade Report Cards

    • A message was added to remind customers only to populate the marks and mark headers that will print on the report card.

    • The mark dropdowns now include a blank option, which allows mark and mark headers that will not be printed to be removed from the report cards.

California Specific:

  • Profile and Graduation Status - The Financial Aid Application Status widget is now available in the Graduation Status Recognitions section, which tracks student completion of a FAFSA application or waiver. See Graduation Status Recognition - FAFSA

Issues Resolved:

  • Report Card History - The correct Term did not display on the Report Card History page when Secondary Standard Based Report Cards were processed and Generate Report Card History button was pressed, fixed. 

  • Texas State Reporting - The SELA Student and Program extracts has the potential to miss students and programs that had ended at some point during the year, fixed.

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