NOTE: Aeries does not currently support TREx Import.

The TEA Texas Records Exchange (TREx) system allows the exchange of electronic student records as mandated by the state, permitting school registrars to electronically request and receive records for students who have attended or will be attending Texas public schools.  High school registrars and counselors can also create and send official student transcripts to Texas public colleges and universities.

Per the TEA Student Attendance Accounting Handbook section 3.4.4 Information and Record Transfer, when a student moves from one Texas public school district or charter school to another, the student record must be transferred via TREx within 10 working days of receiving a request.

Aeries facilitates the TREx exchange process by providing Export tools that create properly formatted XML files, and integrate with the TREx system for seamless exchange of data.  The required TREx data elements and codes are mapped to specific fields in Aeries, ensuring that all required information is exchanged correctly.

Note that records and transcripts must be requested by accessing the TREx system via your TEAL account.


Table/Program Area
AdministerExport TREx Data


Set Permissions

Access the Groups Security form and scroll to the Records Transfer (TREx) section.

  • Export TREx Data - Grant Administer permission.

Map TREx Code Values

Access the Texas State Reporting form and expand the Code Translations section.

The Code Translations section allows you to map various local codes to TREx/PEIMS Codes.  The TREx export files will extract the TREx/PEIMS Codes in place of the corresponding local code.  If a local code is not mapped to a TREx/PEIMS code, the value is not extracted.  Note that TREx and TSDS/PEIMS use many of the same codes.

Certain XRF Table Field Codes must be updated for TREx.


To update codes:

  • Expand the Code Translations section.
  • Clicking Add Default Translations will automatically add any translations that are predefined in the program.  Only TSDS PEIMS codes are available at this time.  TREx does not currently have predefined codes, so this step is not necessary.
  • Select a Code Set, and then click Add Local Codes to populate the form with any untranslated codes that have been defined in the code table (COD).  The Aeries (left) column is populated with all available local codes.
  • In the Aeries (left) column, select the local Code to be translated.
  • In the TSDS PEIMS (right) column, select the TSDS/PEIMS Code that will be mapped to the selected local code.
  • Click the Save icon.
  • To update an existing mapping, click the Pencil icon.  Make changes, and then click the Save icon. Or, click the Cancel icon to revert to the original values.

Export From TREx

Upon receiving a record request from another school or university, the registrar can create a TREx-compatible XML file for a student that can be imported into the TREx system. 

Click the Export button located below the form. 

The Export Student window opens allowing you to specify which type of record to create, AAR-Transcript or Student Record. 

Click the export type. The file is downloaded to your local PC according to your browser settings.

To complete the process, access the TREx system via your TEAL account.