Aeries Revision Notes 4/13/2018

  • Copy Many Student Records - This is a new page in Aeries Web that was converted from the Aeries Client with several enhancements. The new page allows selecting multiple schools to copy from at one time and can process multiple students simultaneously, resulting in a dramatic performance gain over the Client process. It also has a wider range of tables to copy, including all STU and IDN-related tables. This process has been configured so that it cannot be run multiple times concurrently, as doing so could result in data integrity issues. Permission can be granted for non-Admin users to run the process with Read permission to the Copy Many Student Records security area and both Insert and Mass Update permissions to STU.  Copy Many Student Records
  • Monthly Attendance Summary Report - This report now includes the ability to automatically run subsequent months using a new "Re-run ALL Months up to the selected month" option. Please note that with this option, the reports will be emailed sequentially until all months have been processed. Also, logic has been added to prevent the report from being re-run while it is being processed.
  • Standards Based Grades - This page is ready for a new "Multi-District Data Sharing" feature that will be released later.
  • Interventions - This page is ready for a new "Multi-District Data Sharing" feature that will be released later.
  • Student Demographics - The address validation logic has been enhanced to include the previous street name when an exact match is not found, allowing the user to more quickly locate the correct street segment. Also, when an address exists in multiple street table records in the same city, we will now show the "Multiple matches" warning instead of "Address Not in Street Table".
  • Student Demographics - Adding a student from Aeries Online Enrollment via "Import" will now allow matching to an existing, active student in the current school after user confirmation. The "Please verify that you want to admit this student with a status other than Active" message was not displaying correctly in certain situations, fixed. Also, renamed the "Import from AIR" button to simply "Import" with a tooltip stating "Import Student from Aeries Online Enrollment".
  • Scheduling Dashboard - The "Fill Open Periods" item has been moved from D to F. The "Create Sections for Next Term" is activated again.
  • Daily Enrollment Summary by School Report - This report wasn't handling program option correctly, fixed. Also, it is now possible to filter programs. Also, a new option to ignore AP1 and AP2 in the calculation has been added to this report. Also, a warning message has been added to inform the user to limit the selected programs.
  • Immunizations - Date fields are now being validated against Student Birthday and Today. Also, visual improvements have been made to this page.
  • District Resource Assets - The Total Items and Available Items fields are now being updated whenever an asset item is deleted or added, as well as when the page is refreshed. Also, code has been modified for better performance.
  • Graduation Status Letter to Parent Report - Graduation data was duplicating when the main contacts STU.PG and CON.NM were the same, fixed.
  • Fee Letter to Parent Report - Fee data was duplicating when the main contacts STU.PG and CON.NM were the same, fixed.
  • College Entrance Requirements - The GPA’s calculation was not including the failed courses, fixed.
  • Daily Enrollment by Month Report - This report has been removed from district.

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