This three-hour training provides procedures and best practices for the use and application of Daily Attendance in Aeries® SIS, including daily processes and end of month reporting. This training will include student-specific pages related to Attendance management, as well as tools such as the Attendance Process Dashboard, Attendance Management Dashboard, No Show Manager, Teacher Portal Attendance Interface, and a review of key reports related to Daily Attendance reconciliation.  It is recommended that Attendance Setup and Configuration training is included with Daily Attendance Management training.


Needs of individual districts may vary. For training requests, please email  


Recommended Attendees

  • School Office Attendance Staff

  • District Attendance Accounting Staff

Expected Outcomes

Upon completing this Aeries training session, attendees will be able to:

  • Use the Attendance Dashboard to sequence through the various attendance tasks throughout the school year
  • Understand and monitor the student data fields that impact attendance reporting
  • Manage program/grade changes for students and update Attendance Enrollment 
  • Withdraw students and update Attendance Enrollment 
  • Withdraw No Show students and use the No Show functionality in Aeries
  • Monitor and update student attendance on the Student Attendance page
  • Add Attendance Notes to the Student Attendance page
  • Monitor and update student attendance using Attendance Management page
  • Use Mass Change pages to batch update attendance
  • Update Attendance on the Classroom Attendance Form
  • Know of the two forms of teacher attendance submission:  Attendance and Attendance by Photo
  • Follow best practices for daily attendance management
  • Follow best practices for monthly attendance reconciliation
  • Follow best practices for district level attendance reconciliation
  • Lock Monthly Attendance after the reporting window
  • Print Class Rosters
  • Access and generate various reports related to Attendance


Procedures for Monitoring Daily Attendance

Attendance Management

Add Attendance Notes

Attendance Note ADA Makeup

No Show Guidelines

No Show Manager

Mass Change All Day Code

Classroom Attendance Overview

Classroom Attendance for Daily Attendance Schools

Procedures for Reconciling Monthly Attendance at the School Level

Procedures for Reconciling Monthly Attendance at the District Level

Attendance Reports Listing

Attendance Reports 

Locking Monthly Attendance

Aeries Teacher Portal - Teacher Attendance

Attendance Queries

Attendance Videos