Classroom Attendance Form for a School Taking Daily Attendance

When the Classroom Attendance form is opened an Absence Code and Today’s Date will default at the top of the form.  To select a different absence code, click the drop down and select a code.  Enter the date of attendance if different than today’s date.  

Marking Students Absent  

Select the teacher on the left side of the form and only students enrolled in this class on the date selected will display. This is determined according to the teacher code in the student’s attendance enter record.  A Search box is available also:

After selecting the Teacher, the Code to Insert, and the Date to Modify, click on a student’s name to insert the absence code for the student on the date selected. In the example below, student Marco Connole has an absence code of "I" entered for 10/05/2021 in teacher Aldrich’s class.

To update attendance for a different absence code, click the drop down to select the new code. Click on the student’s name to insert the absence code for the date selected.  When all attendance has been entered for the selected teacher/period, click on the Save button.

Changing an Absence Code  

To change or delete an absence code, click on the code to be changed.  The code will highlight.

Enter the new absence code or delete the existing code to remove the absence.  Click the Save button when finished.

The Cancel button can be used to clear all absence codes entered if the Save button has not been clicked.

Mark Attendance as Complete for this Teacher

The Mark Attendance as Complete for This Teacher button will enter a record in the Attendance Submission Log (ASL) for the selected teacher/date indicating the teacher has submitted attendance. 

The Attendance Submission Log displays an entry for teacher Aldrich indicating attendance was submitted on 10/5/2021 at 8:44 PM. Teachers will only display on this page if the electronic tag in TCH is populated if TCH table is used.

Lunch Counts  

Lunch Counts can be entered on the Classroom Attendance form.  

The Following configurations must be completed to enable Lunch Counts:

  1. Security Permissions
  2. Add Codes to the Code table for the LNC.TY Field
  3. Portal Options must be enabled

NOTE: Daily attendance schools that use a Master Schedule will have the Lunch Count section hidden for individual sections that are tagged with an attendance exclusion code of 'Y' or 'Z'.

1.  To enable Lunch Counts, permissions to the Lunch Count Table (LNC) are granted in Security.

2.  Lunch Count Code Types are set up in the Update Code Table form for LNC.TY (Lunch Code Type). Update Code Table is accessed from School Info Configurations on the navigation tree.

Below are examples of codes that can be entered.  

3.  The Enable Lunch Count option is set in Portal Options.  This option must be enabled before users can enter Lunch Counts.

To enter Lunch Counts on the Classroom Attendance page, click on the Edit button. 

You can now enter counts for the lunch types set up for your school.  Click on the Save button when finished. 

The Show Summary option will display the lunch count data in a summary format.  The date and time the lunch count was saved will also display.

The Lunch Count Report and the Missing Lunch Counts Report can be printed from the form as well.

The Lunch Count Data Report Options form allows you to enter a date other than today’s date.  An option is also available for a Sort By option.  The Sort options available are:

  • Type – Will sort by Lunch Types, for example Cold Lunch, Hot Lunch, Teacher Adult Lunch
  • Teacher – Will sort by Teacher Name
  • Teacher and Type – Will sort by Teacher Name first, then Lunch Type
  • Type and Teacher – Will sort by Lunch Type first, then by Teacher Name

The following is an example of the Lunch Count report sorted by Teacher and Type.

The Missing Lunch Count Report Options allows you to select the date from which you would like the report printed.

The following is an example of the Missing Lunch Count Data report.

Class Roster

The Class Rosters option is used to print class rosters for teachers to keep track of their student’s attendance. These sheets are turned in to the office and the secretary uses them to input the attendance by class on the Classroom Attendance form.

Click on the Class Roster button and the following selection box will display.  

Options are available that allow you to select how you want the roster to print. 

The following options can be selected:

  • Grade Roster - Will print Grade Rosters 
  • Attendance Roster – Will print attendance
  • Print for a Specific Term – Enter the term code you wish to print the roster for
  • Enter Att Month – Enter the attendance month in the box for dates to print on the roster.  If the month is set to zero, no dates will be printed
    • Student Filter
      • Current Enrolled - Will print students currently in the class 
      • Enrolled During Month Selected - Will print students in the class based on the month selected and the students attendance data.
  • Sort Report 
    • Teacher Name 
    • Teacher Number  
    • Room Number
  • Print Shading - Will shade every other row on the roster
  • Enter Track if Not All – Enter the attendance track to print if this is a multi-track school
  • Print Additional Lines – Will print additional lines at the bottom of the roster to add students not listed
  • Restart Numbering on New Page
  • Print Phone Number – The student’s phone number will print on the Class Roster
  • Print Signature Line – Prints a signature line for the teacher to sign after absences are verified
  • Print Student Aliases – Prints the student’s alias name
  • Skip Teacher Assistants –Teacher Assistants will not be included on rosters
  • Hide Attendance – Will not print any student’s absences that have already been entered
  • Add fields to the printout ­– Allows specific fields to be selected for printing.  However, there may be insufficient space to print all fields along with the phone number

After all options are selected, click on the Run Report button and the rosters will be generated. The following is an example of a class roster printed with the Phone Number option and adding an Additional Field of Birth date (BD).