After an attendance reporting period has ended and all Attendance has been completed at the school level, the Lock Attendance Month flag can be selected from the School Calendar.  Selecting the option to Lock Attendance Month will NOT allow any changes to be made to any student’s attendance within this month.  This flag can be set to be initiated by specific District or School Personnel without giving security rights to other users.  

  • Permissions needed to lock a Calendar is "Update" to the Calendar (DAY table).  
  • Permissions needed to over-ride a locked month on the Attendance page is "Delete" to the Calendar (DAY table) or "Admin" to Student Attendance (ATT table).
  • To over-ride a locked month on the Mass Change Attendance pages, user would need to following permissions:  "Mass Update" to Student Attendance (ATT table)  and "Update" to the Calendar (DAY table).

SQL queries can be generated to flag specific schools and months to lock or all schools and all months.