The Traditional Calendar must be set up prior to creating the Multi-Track Calendar. The Traditional Calendar represents the generic calendar which includes the entire school year and all holidays. To create a Multi-Track calendar, the number of tracks must first be entered in the Tracks field on the School Option form.

Navigate to the Create Multi-Track Calendar from School Options/Functions on page. 

The following form will display. Select the Starting Date, Total Days, Total Tracks,1st Track Off and the Days On Track and Days Off Track. Click the OK button. A message will display indicating that the Calendars were created and verifying that all tracks met the total days requirement.

In the example above, the school Starting Date is 08/21/2017 with a Total Days of 180. There are 3 Total Tracks, Track A (the first of the 3 tracks) is the 1st Track Off (not in session). Days on Track indicating the number of days each track is in session is 60 with a 15 day break (Days Off Track) between sessions.  

When all attendance tracks have been created using the Create Multi-Track Calendar form, exit the form and return to the Calendar form. Click the dropdown on the Attendance Track and select the 1st track, in the example below the first track is Track A.  According to the Multi-Track setup, track A will have a 15 day break at the beginning of the school year, notice that from 08/21/2017 through 09/08/2017 each day is flagged as track vacation. The first day Track A is in session is 09/11/2017.

Continue setting up each track, entering the applicable Track Vacation, Staff Development, Parent Conference and Minimum Days.

Codes that were set up for All tracks cannot be changed.