Each day as attendance is submitted, schools must verify absences to ensure students are attending school regularly and to monitor possible chronic absenteeism.  Monthly attendance reconciliation will be an easy process if daily procedures are established and followed.  Listed below are suggested practices:

  1. Each district establishes attendance procedures and protocol to meet the mandated requirement of monitoring attendance.
  2. Teachers submit attendance electronically through the Teacher Portal or on a written roster that is submitted to the office.
    • At a Daily Attendance school, attendance is submitted at the beginning of the school day.  Typically, a window of time is established (Portal Options Setup) where the teacher is required to submit attendance.
    • At a Period Attendance school, attendance is submitted for each period.  Many districts allow attendance to be submitted throughout the day and set the window of time to close at the end of the school day (Portal Options Setup).
  3. Each teacher must submit attendance.  Using the Attendance Submission Log Details, Attendance Submission Log Report, or Missing Attendance Report offices can confirm that attendance has been taken by all teachers at the school.  If using an auto-dialer, attendance submission should be confirmed prior running the auto-dialer.
  4. Once the attendance submission window has closed and all attendance submission has been accounted for, offices are required to verify absences.
    • If a district is using an auto-dialer to notify parents, the auto-dialer (phone, text, email) reports to the parents that their student was absent or possibly tardy.
    • If a district does not use an auto-dialer, the office must contact the parents to verify the student's absence.
    • If the office must contact the parents to verify absences, use the Students Absent or Tardy Today Report to obtain a listing of absent students and contact phone numbers.  
    • If using an auto-dialer, use the Students With Unverified Absences Report to determine which parents still have not verified student absences.
    • As verification is received, Update Student Attendance.
  5. Based on school policy, monitor chronic absenteeism and truancy.