Navigate to Reports > Attendance > Attendance Submission Log. 

The Attendance Submission Log page will display teachers who have taken attendance in their classes as well as missing attendance. In a secondary school, the Attendance Submission Log will open with the period range set to coincide with the current period from the Bell Schedule and will default to the current day. 

The data is from the Attendance Submission Log (ASL) table.

Secondary School

Elementary or Elementary with MST School

The Attendance Submission Log may contain the following options:

  • Show Only Missing Attendance Submissions – unchecking will also include data for teachers who have submitted attendance under the Submit Dt column
  • Periods ­– allows for a period range to be entered for a secondary school
  • Track – displays if the school is multi-track
  • Date Range – allows for entry of a date range
  • Refresh – will refresh data displayed on the page
  • Print – allows for printing the data displayed on the Missing Attendance report

After selections have been made on the Options line, click on the refresh button to load the data.

In the example below, the option to Show Only Missing Attendance Submissions is selected, Period Range 2-2 is selected, All Tracks is selected, and a Date Range of 10/21/2022 to 10/21/2022 is selected. 

The data displayed in this secondary school includes the Teacher Number, Teacher Name, Attendance Date, Submission Date, Period, Course ID, Course Title, Section #, Days of the Week, and Room Number.

Selecting the Show Only Missing Attendance Submission option will only display teachers who have not submitted attendance. Deselecting the option will include data for teachers who have submitted attendance. The Submission Date will be populated with the date timestamp of when the attendance was submitted.

Several of the column headers allow for sorting in descending rather than the default of ascending. Those columns include Tchr#, Name, Att Date, Period, and Section.  

To sort descending click on the heading, an arrow will display pointing upward indicating the data is currently sorting ascending.  

Click on the arrow which will now point downward and the data displayed is now sorting descending.