Navigate to Reports > Attendance > Attendance Submission Log.

The Attendance Submission Log page will display teachers who have taken attendance in their classes as well as missing attendance. The page has an option to Show Only Missing Attendance Submissions. The Submit DT field will indicate the date and timestamp a teacher took attendance for the class. The Periods filters are used to filter the page to only display attendance submission for periods selected in the period range. A date range can be used to modify the list of attendance submissions and only dates in the From and To range will display on the page and in the report. The missing attendance records are based on information from the ASL or CAS tables depending on the school type and the portal option setting Attendance to be Taken (Marked as Complete) by Section. For more information, see Portal Options - Attendance

For secondary schools, the page will include period, course ID, course title and section number for the record. 

Elementary schools will not include course information.

Flex Period Schools will include course information and filters for Start Dates and Times and End Dates and Times.

Flex Daily schools will not include course information.

The Print button will print all the data displayed on the form in the exact format it is displayed.  


An example of the printed Missing Attendance Submission Log report is below.

Secondary School Report

When unselecting the Show Only Missing Attendance Submissions option, the Attendance Submission Log report will print with submission data and will include the date timestamp of the submitted attendance based on the log data from ASL or CAS.  

Elementary School Report 

Secondary School Report

Flex Period School Report

Flex Daily School Report

The report will also print if there is no missing attendance for the date selected.