The CDE now recommends that due to new attendance submission requirements in CALPADS, that students whose absences are changed to count for ADA by attending Saturday School, need to keep the original Absence Type in place on a student's record. The original attendance information is required for proper chronic absenteeism calculations by CALPADS.

To accommodate this new recommendation from the CDE, Aeries has been adjusted to allow for flagging an individual student "All Day" absence as "Counting for ADA". This ensures that attendance totals for a student remain intact while still allowing for the collection of ADA for a day made up by Saturday School attendance. 

Note: The Attendance Make-up code feature is intended for All Day Absences in Negative Attendance schools.  Period Absence in Positive/Hourly Attendance Schools is currently not supported with this feature.  Aeries already handles back-posting of minutes/hours earned on subsequent regular attendance days on the Hourly Attendance Report.  If Saturday School makeup is required for students in Positive/Hourly Attendance Schools, please use the old method of absence code value replacement until Aeries can be adjusted to accommodate this situation.

Attendance Notes have the ability to add ADA Make-Up information for a student. Three new fields have been added to the Attendance table to designate if a student receives an ADA Make-up code. These fields are:

  • ATT.ADA: ADA Make-Up Code
  • ATT.ADT: Date (This field is informational)
  • ATT.ACO: Comment

ADA Make-Up Codes have to be set up prior to use through Update Code table. From the School Info/Configurations node on the Navigation tree select Update Code Table. Select the ATT table for Attendance and select the field ADA. Enter a code and description for ADA Make-Up. The codes entered here will display in the Attendance Note area to be used to designate if a student received ADA Make-Up. 

When a student is given an absence code in the All Day Code field (ATT.AL) on the Attendance page and that code is set up in the Absence Code Table to not count for ADA, the Attendance Notes area will display three ADA Make-Up fields to populate.  

The Attendance Make-up code is meant for All Day absences not period absences.  Hours earned by continuation high school students can be used to back fill prior weeks in which students generated fewer than 15 hours of attendance.  Students generate a maximum of 15 hours per week to be used as attendance for apportionment purposes.

Back posting should be used to make up attendance in an continuation school and not the new Attendance Make-up fields that are only for All day absences.

Note: Users need at least Read permissions to Attendance Notes (ATN) and Update permissions to Student Attendance (ATT) to use this feature.

Click on the Attendance Note icon on the day of the absence to add the ADA Make-up code.

An ADA Make-Up Code, Date and Comment can be added in the Attendance Note for the student. 

Click on the Add icon for the day of absence and choose an "ADA Code" that has been setup by an Aeries System Administrator in the COD table.  The date of the Saturday School and a comment can also be included.

Note:  The message and edit icon will not display until a code is defined for the ATT.ADA field in the Code Table.

If an ADA Make-Up Code is populated in the Attendance Note, after saving it, the Attendance Note icon on the Attendance page will display in green and the All Day Column will have a green border around the original absence code.  

The following query can be used to identify students who have earned an ADA Make-up Code:


The following query can be used to identify students with absences and if they received an ADA Make-Up Code for the absence:


NOTE: The Monthly Attendance Summary and the Monthly Attendance Report  support the ADA Make-Up field when populated. 

The Monthly Attendance Summary Report now includes an asterisk next to Column H indicating it has been reduced by the number of days with an ADA Make-Up code.

The report also includes a legend for the asterisk at the bottom of the report.

The Monthly Attendance Report now includes an asterisk next to absence code indicating a day with ADA Make-up code.

The report also includes a legend for the asterisk at the bottom of the report.