As a student is added or dropped the Enter Date and Leave Date MUST be updated. The Update Attendance button must then be selected to update Attendance Enrollment

When using this option, the same information will be updated and saved in the Ent/Lv field on Attendance Enrollment.  An example of the Attendance Leave form is displayed below.

The Attendance Program is another key field that requires accurate attendance reporting. The field is titled Prog on the Student Demographics  (STU.SP) form.  

Any student placement in a special attendance program must be updated in Attendance Enrollment.  Use the Update Attendance button to update Attendance Enrollment whenever the special attendance program field is added or modified. Special attendance programs may include:  Independent Study, Special Day Class, Opportunity School, Home Hospital, etc. The State requires that all special attendance programs be calculated separately and not included with regular education ADA attendance reporting.  Using the Prog field to identity the programs, provides grouping of attendance reports with an accounting of the ADA totals for each special attendance program.