This two-hour training provides an in-depth training on the configuration and procedures for the setup of key pages/tables used in Attendance and the best practices for maintenance.  It is recommended that Daily Attendance Management and/or Period Attendance Management training is included with Attendance Setup and Configuration.


Needs of individual districts may vary.  For training requests, please email 


Recommended Attendees

  • School Office Attendance Staff
  • District Attendance Accounting Staff


Expected Outcomes

Upon completing this Aeries training session, attendees will be able to:

  • Use the Attendance Dashboard to sequence through the various attendance tasks throughout the school year
  • Understand Attendance setup procedures required for the beginning of the school year
  • Verify Attendance setup on the School Options page
  • Create traditional and multi-track school Calendars
  • Build School Terms
  • Configure and update Absence Codes
  • Add and update Attendance Notes 
  • Configure Attendance History nightly process
  • Create Bell Schedules 
  • Build a Block Schedule Calendar
  • Verify and update Student Attendance Programs
  • Configure No Show setup code
  • Configure Attendance Portal Options
  • Initialize Attendance for new school year
  • Access and generate various reports related to Attendance setup and configuration


Attendance Options Chart

School Startup Task Chart

Attendance Tasks Overview Video

Create a Calendar

Creating a Calendar Video

Multi-Track Video

Build Terms

Terms Setup Video

Setup Absence Codes

Attendance Notes Update Code Table Setup

Attendance History

Bell and Block Scheduler Overview

Adding a Bell Schedule Definition

Create a New Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule Setup Video

Assigning Bell Schedules to the Calendar

No Show Setup Form

Portal Options - Attendance

Initialize Attendance

Absence Codes and Initializing Attendance Video