Initializing attendance should be processed as close to the first day of school in order to capture as many of the enrolled students as possible during the process. If initializing attendance prior to the first day of school, each new student added after the initialization process will need to have attendance manually activated. 

Note: The Initialize ATT/CAR process can be run from the district for all or select schools and requires "Admin" access to the Attendance Security area. Students MUST be scheduled into Classes (SEC) before Initializing.

When attendance has not been initialized for students a message will display at the bottom of the Student Demographic form.

Navigate to the Attendance Accounting/Configurations/Initialize ATT/CAR page.

This Form will appear listing the number of students in each Grade, Program And Teacher (Elementary Only).  Click the View Students button to see the list of students in any of the categories listed.   A warning may state: There are students without assigned teachers. In the display below, resolve any students who have not been assigned to teachers (Unassigned) before proceeding.  

In Elementary with Master or Secondary school types, a warning will display if there are no Classes (SEC) scheduled. Students MUST be scheduled into Classes (SEC) before Initializing.

Once student enrollment data is confirmed and accurate, click the Initialize ATT/CAR button. A confirmation message will display confirming if Attendance and Course Attendance should be initialized. Select OK to continue or Cancel to stop the process.

The form will be updated with a message stating that an email will be sent to the user when the process is complete.

After the email is received, attendance is now initialized for all students. The red Active Student not currently enrolled in attendance message will no longer display.

Students that have entered the school after the attendance initialization process took place will need their attendance manually initialized. Click the Update Attendance button at the bottom of the Student Demographic form.

The Update Student Attendance form will open containing the Attendance Enrollment form. Verify that the Effective Date and other displayed data is correct. If correct, click the OK button. The student will now be enrolled into attendance.