Using the No Show Setup form will automatically apply the selections chosen and all Attendance and Enrollment data will be automatically deleted.  For more information, please see:  No Show Guidelines Chart

The No Show Setup form will allow a security level user to pre-define Status tags used to indicate a student as a No Show, for example ‘N’.   

For both elementary and secondary schools application options include:

  • Require the Summer Withdrawal Reason code (STU.SWR) if checked, a reason code must be entered or the student cannot be flagged as a No Show. 
  • Require a Student Leave Date if checked, a leave date must be entered or the student cannot be flagged as a No Show.  
  • Auto-populate a Default Leave Date if populated with a date that is on or after July 1st but before the first day of school, will automatically enter the default leave date for the No Show student.  The default leave can be updated in the pop-up

For secondary schools additional application options include:

  • Always Drop Locker Assignments if checked, will drop the student's locker assignment.
  • Always Drop Course Requests if checked, will drop the student's course requests.

Any option not selected, although still available during the application of the No Show code, will not be required. If desired, Course Requests can remain on file in case the student returns. In that case, the Course Requests option would be left unchecked.

The No Show Setup page can be accessed on from the Pages navigation tree.



No Show SetupRead



View No Show Setup page and options

Add Status Tags

Edit the No Show Setup options and Status Tags

Add and Delete Status Tags

If adding a new No Show Code, click on the Add Record button.  Add the No Show code and click the icon to save the record.  After the record is added, click the Change button to select other available options.

Below is an example of the No Show Setup page in an elementary environment:

Below is an example of the No Show Setup page in a secondary environment:

For additional information on utilizing the No Show Code see: