For more information, please see:  No Show Guidelines Chart

When a student is considered to be a No Show the student will be flagged as such in the Status Tag field.  A No Show student should not have any attendance or enrollment records. Depending on the school type, additional records may also need to be deleted.

No Show students should NOT be deleted for various reasons.  CALPADS reporting now requests a total number of students that were enrolled for the first day of school but did not show. 

If the student returns back to your school site unexpectedly and is still on file but flagged as a No Show, they can be activated very easily without having to re-enter the student information.  If a No Show student returns during the school year, it is necessary to leave the Summer Withdrawal values to account for the enrollment gap for CALPADS reporting.

This document describes both the automated process for No Shows using the No Show Setup Form and the manual process for No Shows.

Any student flagged as a No Show can also be rolled into the inactive database and can be activated at a later date by any school within your district.

Note:  It is important that No Show students are NOT deleted.  CALPADS reporting requires a count of these students.