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The No Show Setup page allows districts or schools to set options for using the No Show Manager. Users with appropriate permission can also indicate which Status tags (STU.TG) will be used to indicate a No Show student.

IMPORTANT: If using this page, the settings will automatically apply the selections chosen, and all Attendance and Enrollment data will be automatically deleted. See: No Show Guidelines Chart


No Show SetupReadView No Show Setup page and options
InsertAdd status tags
UpdateEdit the No Show Setup options and status tags
DeleteAdd and delete status tags


At the district level, an option is available allowing districts to lock settings at the school level, so that schools are required to use these settings. 

  • Select Use District Options for all Schools to use district-level settings at all schools.

    This option is not visible to school-level users.

    If selected, users at school-level will see a message indicating that setup was defined by the district:

Under No Show Options:

  1. Fields are visible but disabled by default. Click Change to update the fields.

    • Require the Summer Withdrawal Reason  - (California only) If selected, a student can only be tagged as a No Show if a  Summer Withdrawal - Reason (STU.SWR) is entered on Demographics > Student Data 2. See Designating a Student as a No Show (No Show Setup Form Populated).

    • Require a Student Leave Date
      • (California) If selected, a student can only be tagged as a No Show if a Summer Withdrawal - Leave Date (STU.SLD) is entered on Demographics > Student Data 2.

    • Default Leave Date 
      • (California) If the date entered is on or after July 1st, but before the first day of school, that date will automatically populate Summer Withdrawal - Leave Date (STU.SLD) on Demographics > Student Data 2 for a No Show student, but can be modified as needed.

  2. For secondary schools there are additional options:
    • Always Drop Locker Assignments - If selected, the student's locker assignment will automatically be cleared.

    • Always Drop Course Requests - If selected, the student's course requests will automatically be dropped. Clear the field if you want to retain course requests in case the student returns.

    • Always Drop Summer Course Requests - If selected, the student's summer course requests will automatically be dropped.
  3. Click Update to save changes.

Under Enter Status Tags to Count as "No Show":

You can designate one or more status codes that will be used to designate No Show students. Code N recommended.

  1. Click Add New Record
  2. The Tag field is enabled and displays the available status tag codes (STU.TG). Select a code for the tag.
  3. Click the Save icon.
  4. To edit or delete an existing tag, click the Edit icon and make necessary changes.

For additional information on utilizing the No Show Code see: