For more information, please see:  No Show Guidelines Chart

To flag a student as a “No Show”, click the Change button at the bottom of the Student Demographic form to open the form in edit mode.

Click the Status field drop down menu and select the No Show code.

If a student is flagged as No Show with a code entered in the No Show Setup, the following No Show Options will display. Options displayed with gray checkboxes were set up to automatically be dropped and CANNOT be changed. Options displayed with open checkboxes were NOT setup to automatically be dropped and can be selected. 

Note the message at the bottom of the display: All Attendance/Enrollment and Classes data will be deleted!

If the Select Summer Withdrawal Reason was selected on the No Show Setup form, the Student cannot be flagged as a No Show unless the reason is entered in the field. If no code is entered the following message will display.

The Summer Next School field is required in two situations:

  • Regular schools - All records with a Summer Withdrawal Reason (STU.SWR) code of "165" (Involuntary Transfer for Discipline) must have a Summer Withdrawal Next School (STU.SNS) populated.
  • Alternative Ed Schools– all records with a Summer Withdrawal Reason (STU.SWR) code of “160” (Moved Verified in another CA public school) must have a Summer Withdrawal Next School (STU.SNS) populated.

The Summer Next School field will display a dropdown from the Course History Institutions (CHI) table. A look-up icon is available to limit the Summer Next School dropdown list. Select a Summer Next School if applicable.

The Student Leave Date, if defaulted, will reflect the last day of the prior school year.  The default leave date can be updated in the pop-up.  If not populated: 

  • If the student was enrolled in the school for the prior year, enter the last school day of the prior year.  
  • If the student was not enrolled in the school during the prior year, enter a date on or after July 1st but before the first day of school for the current school year.  

If the student to be No Showed has any Gradebook Scores, the No Show Options form will display a warning regarding the Gradebook Scores. If the No Show process is confirmed for the student, all references to the student in the Gradebook system will be deleted.