Session Description

Intended for the novice user of the Web Version of Aeries® SIS, this session will teach basic navigational skills used in Aeries. Pages, Reports, Favorites, function buttons, and form techniques will be included. This session will demonstrate the many tools available for districts and schools to monitor and improve student success.

Session Content

  • Logging to Aeries
  • Identifying the version of Aeries
  • Accessing specific school or year databases
  • Interpreting the Aeries Home page
  • Accessing and managing user account settings
  • Using the Navigation Tree in Aeries
  • Toggling between Pages and Reports in Aeries 
  • Customizing the Navigation Tree using Favorites
  • Searching for students
  • Recognizing the value of student information on the Profile page
  • Using Aeries form techniques including drop-down carets, calendar icons, and function buttons
  • Identifying Red Flags
  • Generating Reports

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Red Flags in Aeries

Student Demographics and Photos

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