Session Description

The “Fundamentals of Aeries® SIS” - Overview of Aeries course is designed for novice users of Aeries® SIS. This course provides a comprehensive overview of tools available for monitoring and improving student success.   

Session Content

In this session, participants will:  

  • Discover available pages and reports 

  • Identify and utilize functionality buttons to perform specific tasks 

  • Explore various form techniques 

  • Master navigation within Aeries® SIS 

  • Comprehend key processes for efficient utilization of Aeries® SIS

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Account Settings

Logging in to Aeries

Navigation and Favorites

Switching Databases and Years

Searching for Students

Recently Viewed Students

Student Profile Page Overview

Form Techniques used in Aeries

Using Reports in Aeries

Red Flags in Aeries

Student Demographics and Photos

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