Aeries Web utilizes a variety of techniques for navigating, opening, editing, saving and further working with pages/forms and reports. Shown below are a few key examples.

Single Record Forms  

Single Record Forms, sometimes referred to as 1-to-1 relationships, include pages such as Student Demographics, Supplemental, and Secondary Student Data. On these forms, there will be a change or edit button on the form that opens the form into an editable mode, allowing changes/edits/additions to be made to the data.

When in Change/Edit mode, an Update or Save button becomes available which needs to be selected when all edits are complete. If the user navigates away from the current form when still in the Change/Edit mode, all changes will be lost. There will also be a Cancel button on the form to cancel any changes that have been made without saving.

Multiple Record Forms  

Some forms in Aeries Web will hold multiple records related to a single student. These may sometimes be referred to as one-to-many. Examples are Student Contacts, Medical Log, and Special Programs. Some of those records may use the Change/Update/Cancel button format described above, except there will be multiple records to select per student that can be edited.

On Multiple Record Forms, the user will see a button to add a new record.  The pencil icon is used to edit or modify an existing record.

When editing a record, the following options will be visible:  Save Record (disk), Undo/Cancel Change and Delete record (trashcan).

Radio Selection Buttons  

Some forms, programs and reports contain radio buttons that allow you to select only one option for how the program will work. To turn on a radio button click the mouse on the circle. A black dot will display indicating the radio button is ON. The program will then be changed on how it will work. Normally you can only select one radio button pertaining to an area. For example, the selection box below contains different radio buttons that will determine how a report will be sorted. You can only click the mouse on one radio button in order to change the sort order.

Selection Checkbox  

Some forms, programs and reports contain various checkboxes that allow you to select more than one option on how a program will work. To turn on a checkbox click the mouse on the box. A black checkmark displays indicating the option will be turned ON and the program will be changed in how it will work. Normally you can select as many checkboxes as you like. For example, the selection box below contains 7 different checkboxes that will determine various options for this report.

Date Fields  

Date fields allow the user to easily enter a date from the keyboard, or select a date from a calendar. The current date is always displayed at the bottom of the date picker, and can be inserted easily by clicking on it. The current date is also highlighted on the calendar. Selecting a particular day in any month or year is also easily accessible.

Time Fields  

Time fields accept input from the keyboard, but there is also a drop-down to select any time in 30-minute increments. Military or Nurse time can also be entered. The time picker is flexible and accepts times entered in a variety of formats.

For example, entering 1345 will render 1:45 PM, entering 1pm will render 1:00 PM, or simply entering 10 will render 10:00 AM. Some typos in times are correctly handled...for example, 915amm will be rendered as 9:15 AM, and 235mp will be rendered correctly as 2:35 PM.

If an invalid time is detected, the user will be presented with a popup message instructing them to enter a valid time value.

Copying and Pasting Records  

A record can be easily copied from one student to another on certain pages. For example, a counselor might talk to a number of students in regards to personal counseling. A record can be added for one student and then copied to another student for the exact same thing. After entering a record, click the Copy checkbox, then click the Copy icon to copy the record(s). Then navigate to the next student, and click the Paste icon. This allows for a quick and efficient way to copy records from one student to another. Once the record has been pasted, it can be edited as normal.