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The Aeries Web Student Profile page gives users a snapshot of key data for a selected student. The Student Profile is available to Admin portal users and Teacher Portal users. When first searching for and selecting a student in a new Aeries Web session, the Student Profile page will display. Users can also access the Student Profile at any time by selecting the page from the Student Data node of the Navigation Tree.


The Student Profile page is not used for data entry. Instead, it is available to give a quick view of key information related to a student. The data on the page pulls from several different areas within Aeries, including Class Schedules, Teacher Gradebooks, Attendance, Test data, Discipline, Medical, Special Programs, Graduation Status, and College Entrance Requirements.

Information Bar  

At the top of the Profile page is an Information Bar that has data listed across 6 tabs. This information not only displays on the profile page, but also shows on every student related page throughout the system.

Student Header-California

Student Header-Texas

The tabs featured on the student information bar include:

  • General - includes demographic information such as ID numbers, Grade, age, Teacher (or counselor in the case of secondary schools) and Language status
  • Contact - phone, address and email info for the student and Parent/Guardian. This tab also includes buttons for Full Contact List as well as Siblings to take the user to that detailed information
  • Additional Info  - Student alias, Race/Ethnicity, Birth date, Attendance Program, and Health Problems
  • Flags - lists all student flags the user has permissions to view
  • Programs - lists student participation in any Special Programs including 504, GT, Special Ed, Foster, etc.
    • Note: FRE records (NSLP/FRPM Status) do not display in the Programs tab due to the sensitive nature.
  • User Codes - lists user code data for the student as defined by your school or district.

Above the Student Information Bar will be a Red Banner if the student has any Flags to emphasize the alerts.

Class Summary    

Next on the Profile will be the student Class Summary. This will show the class schedule (SEC) information for students at a Secondary or Elementary with Master Schedule, as well as current Gradebook data for the student. 

Class Summary

The option to "Show Legend" is available at the top right corner of the Class Summary. The legend defines the icons that appear in the Trend column. 

Class Summary-Show Legend

To view the Class Summary data for prior or future terms, select the Options menu from the Class Summary, and select "Show All Terms":

Class Summary-Options

Tip: There are live links to Student Data pages throughout the Student Profile page (Class Summary, Data Snapshot, etc). Clicking on a link will take the user to the page where the data generated from in order for the user to get more detailed information, or update data as needed. 

Attendance Summary   

Below the Class Summary will be an Attendance Summary for the student. 

Attendance Summary

To view the Attendance Summary data for other schools the student attended, select the Options menu from the Attendance Summary, and select "Show All Schools":

Attendance Summary-Options

Financial Information  

The Financial Information area shows the latest Payment Information from Financial Transactions.

Data Snapshot  

The Data Snapshot shows recent student data entries from Medical, Assertive Discipline, Counseling, Interventions, and other areas. Users will only see entries from tables they have security permission to access.

Most Recent Test Results  

Most Recent Test Results displays a summary of recent test scores including ELPAC, IELPAC, SBAC, or other state tests.

Linked Portal Accounts  

Linked Portal Accounts - lists any Aeries Portal accounts that are linked to the student, including parent and student accounts, and when each account was last accessed.  The Last Accessed date is pulled from the PWA.CDT - Current Login Date field.

Career Pathways  

Career Pathways displays summary data from any career pathways that are assigned to the student.

Career Pathways

The remaining sections on the Student Profile will display various information depending on the school/grade level of the student, and what Student Data is present for the student: 

College Entrance Requirements (CA only)  

College Entrance Requirements (schools with grades 9th+) displays a summary of student's UC and CSU entrance requirement progress.

College Entrance Requirements-California

Graduation Status  

Graduation Status (schools with grades 9th+) displays summary data from the students' Graduation Status information.

Add-On Graduation Requirements (CA only)  

Add-On Graduation Requirements (schools with grades 9th+) displays summary data from the Add-On Graduation Requirements that are valid for the student's cohort. 

Add-On Graduation Requirement-California

Endorsements (TX only)  

Endorsements (schools with grades 9th+) displays summary data from the Endorsement Requirements that are valid for the student's cohort. 



Recognitions (schools with grades 9th+) displays summary data from Recognitions the student has completed and are linked to the Activities and Awards page.