There are many Reports available in Aeries Web that pull commonly accessed data into a pre-designed report format for users. Reports are available for most categories of Aeries Web functions, including Student Data, Attendance, Grades, Scheduling, and more.

Accessing Reports

Reports can be accessed in several different ways. The first method of accessing reports is from the Reports tab of the Navigation Tree. This will display all available reports sorted by category. Use the filter box to search the available reports.

Note: The availability of certain reports depends upon the school the user is logged into. For example, student locator cards are not applicable to elementary daily attendance schools.

Reports can also be accessed from certain nodes within the pages Navigation Tree. For example Scheduling Process | Reports. Reports is the last option in most nodes of the Navigation Tree. Selecting these "Reports" options will take you to the View All Reports form already filtered to the area of the Navigation Tree you selected.

Another way to access reports is from Print Buttons on certain pages. In these cases, there will be links to reports directly on the form. For example: when using the Classroom Attendance form, you will see a link to the "Class Roster" report on the top left corner of the form. Near the student top bar, there may be a print button to print a report directly from a page.

A final way of accessing reports is from View All Reports on the navigation tree.

From the View All Reports page, you can filter the available reports by Category or keyword Filter.

Report Format allows the user to select various formats for reports. The Report Format will always default to PDF, but can be changed to other formats if needed. Other file formats include Excel (XLS), Word (RTF), or Plain Text (TXT).

Report Delivery specifies if you wish to receive the report via email or not. Emails will be sent to the currently logged in user. The Email w/ Attachment option will email the completed report after it has been generated. The Email w/o Attachment option will simply send an email alert after the report has been generated. The None option will not notify the user upon completion. These options may be useful for complex reports that may take some time to process. Note: once the Report Delivery option is changed, it is saved for use on any reports run in the future. This option can be changed at any time from the View All Reports page, but also at the time of running various reports.

All report delivery options will generate the report in your browser. The email options and the email delivery to the processing of the report.

When selecting reports to run, various options will display depending on the report.

Tip: Reports can also be added to Favorites for easy access in the same way that pages can.

Running Reports for Groups of Students

There is also an option to run many reports filtered to specific Student Groups. Student groups can be set up by school sites when there are specific student characteristics that need to frequently be filtered, such as all students in a specific program. To run a report specific to a Student Group, select the appropriate group from the Student Group drop-down on the View All Reports page. When you select a group from the drop-down Box, the report will be generated reflecting only the students defined in the Student Group.


Many reports will also honor KEEP/SKIP query statements that are in place when the report is generated, limiting the report results to only the queried students.

Report History


The Report History feature is located on the View All Reports page and is accessed by selecting the Report History tab at the top of the form.

Report History allows you to access and view reports that the user has generated previously. Each report that is run by a user is archived and can be accessed at a later time on this tab. The form allows a date range to be selected to filter all available reports. When the desired report is located, select the report and it can then be viewed, printed or downloaded/saved.