Send Emails is a way to send Parents or Students emails through Aeries. The form can be used to send email addresses to many recipients at once. The system can send out individual emails to any parents, students, or manually entered email addresses of which the 

The Send Emails form can be found under the School Info node in the navigation.

To send an email to all Recipients, type in an email address in the “To:” Text box. Or you can click the “Add Recipients” Button to lookup email addresses in Aeries.

If you have selected the “Add Recipients” Button, You may search for email addresses by server Options.

If you select Student in the “Search for Email Addresses by” you will get the following popup. You can Enter a Student Name, SN or ID and then select GO.

The Section selection will allow you to search by Sections:

The Teacher Selection will allow you to Search Email Address by Teacher and shows the list of teachers in the Teacher table:

Search by Grade will allow you to enter a Grade Level to search by.

You can KEEP or SKIP students through Query and then All Kept Students will show you the students that you have filtered.

Note: The All Kept Students option is not currently available to teacher type accounts, since keep/skip queries are not available for those users.

There are multiple Options to Sort the Email addresses. You can filter the email addresses further by Selecting just the Parents or the Students or to include inactive students.

Checking Students will include email addresses from the Student Email Address (STU.SEM), as well as any Student Portal Accounts (PWA.EM). Checking Parents will include the Parent Email Address (STU.PEM), any Contact email address (CON.EM) where allow access to portal (CON.AP) is set to Yes, as well as any Parent Portal Accounts (PWA.EM).

Select the email addresses you wish to send an email to and then click the button Add Selected or Click the button Add All. You can remove any selected email in the list or Remove all and start over.

Once you have carefully chosen the email addresses, click the OK button.

You can continue to add or remove Recipients.

Once you have chosen the Recipients, Add a Subject line and the Body of the Email. You may create the body of the email in another program and paste the information in if desired.

When you have completed the email, and are ready to send, you can Preview in Web what the email will look like before it is sent.

Once you are satisfied with the email click the Send Email button. You will then get a message asking if you are sure you want to send this email.

Once the emails have been sent, you will get an email stating that the process is complete.

Note: each recipient will receive an individual email message, not a single email with multiple recipients cc'd.