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The Resource Hub is designed specifically to pull together all of the resources we provide to support your use of Aeries - all into the same place. This hub brings together your access to everything Aeries, and will present you with an easy to use, easy to navigate toolkit to optimize your Aeries experience.

The Resource Hub icon is displayed at the top of most pages as shown in the example below. The icon is to the left of the Alerts icon. This Resource Hub is available to all admin and users. The Resource Hub is not available to teacher, students or parents.

When selected, the Resource Hub will display a list of several categories with a snip it of information regarding each category. Most categories have a hyperlink which will direct the user to a new page with helpful and resourceful information.

Events & Workshops - The View All button is a hyperlink that will redirect the user to the Events & Workshops page where users can quickly find the Aeries calendar of upcoming events and registration links.

AeriesCon - A list of the upcoming AeriesCon dates and locations will be listed. The View Details button is a hyperlink that will redirect the user to the registration page where users can obtain information and register for an upcoming Aeries Conference.

Knowledge Base - The Knowledge Base headline is a hyperlink to our Aeries Support website where users can search solution articles, support documentation and videos.

My Aeries - The My Aeries headline is a hyperlink that will redirect the user to Users can manage their events, blogs, and contact details for their Aeries support account.

Aeries Academy - The Aeries Academy has two hyperlinks: Enroll Now and My Courses. Users can enroll in self-paced online certification courses.

Aeries Training - The Aeries Training headline is a hyperlink to the Aeries Training Support site where users can explore available training opportunities and resources.

Latest Updates - The Latest Updates headline is a hyperlink to the Aeries Detailed Revision Notes document in the Aeries support website.

Aeries Ideas - The Aeries Ideas headline is a hyperlink to the Aeries ideas website where users can submit and vote on ideas for enhancing Aeries.

Known Issues -  The Known Issues headline is a hyperlink to the Community Forums page where Known Issues are posted (current or fixed).

Aeries Service Status - The Aeries Service Status headline is a hyperlink to where users can check for outages, slowdowns or other issues. Users can subscribe to updates.

Help and Support - The Help and Support headline is a hyperlink to Aeries support website where users can access documentation and on-demand videos, and submit support tickets.

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