The Advanced Selection Filter feature is available on many Pages and Reports. This filter allows additional criteria to be added in conjunction with the basic filters, or to filter for a specific Master Schedule (MST)/Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS) field value, depending on the Report. An example of an Advanced Selection Filter would be filter for Distance Learning (DLI) Sections for a Specific Period.

The Advanced Section Filter button will display the filter.

The Dropdown lists fields in MST/SMS that can be filtered on. For this Report it will query MST.

The next dropdown selects the condition

The Field Value is the criteria.

The Apply Advanced Filter button applies the filter. In this example it filters for all MST sections with a Language of Instruction (LI) equal to '01'.

The OR button allows the addition of multiple OR statements.

The individual filters can be removed by clicking on the Trash icon, or clicking the Advanced Section Filter button will close and remove the filters.

The Sections w/ Students option will limit the results to only sections that have Students enrolled.

If the basic filters are used first, such as Course, and then a Course is chosen, the Advanced Filter will apply to the results.

In this example, it is showing only Biology courses that have Total Students (TS) greater than 25.

When a school has Track Primary Classes for Students enabled in School Options, the Section Selection Control filter will display an option to filter Only Primary Classes. This is an indicator in the MST and SMS identifying a course section as a primary class. See Track Primary Classes - School Options for details on how this option is enabled.